CBT Counseling at Thriveworks in The Woodlands, TX

CBT Counseling at Thriveworks in The Woodlands, TX

“My alarm didn’t go off and now I’m late to work, or maybe I just snoozed it too many times again. I am super tired from staying up late watching “just one more” episode last night. Why can’t I get it together and just have more discipline? If I’m late to work again they’ll probably fire me, I won’t be able to pay the bills, and I’ll end up moving back in with my parents…how embarrassing. I’m so dumb.”

There’s probably at least one part of that scenario that you relate to, whether it’s the looping thoughts, worst-case scenarios, black and white thinking, or any other portion of it! The destructive thought patterns found in the above scenario are known as cognitive distortions. Many people deal with them, but that doesn’t make them any less destructive. When left to spiral on their own, they can give way to clinical anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and other mental and physical health problems.

But there is freedom from the spiraling nature of cognitive distortions: they’re not true! Cognitive distortions are lies, and you don’t have to live by them anymore!

Thriveworks in The Woodlands is here to help you re-learn the power of thoughts and take back the control. Our counselors are trained in a therapeutic strategy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a process of identifying the destructive thoughts, acknowledge them as lies, and, finally, replace them with positive, realistic thoughts. The ultimate goal is to help you build a healthy self-image and life.

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What Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Address?

Every day we make thousands of choices. We analyze our past experiences and predict the best path to achieve our wanted future. Cognitive distortions get in the way of that process and lead us down the wrong path.

Thriveworks The Woodlands wants to help you shatter the lies of cognitive distortions through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT puts the control back in your hands and enables you to mold your thoughts and emotions. After that, it’s easier to change your behavior and choices. CBT helps you build a life of your choosing.

Cognitive distortions come in many variations, but a few include:

  • Should Statements- “I should do…” Should means you don’t authentically believe in what you are doing and are being influenced by outside factors. It whispers the lie that the only way to succeed is by being unauthentic at best, and miserable at worst.
  • Catastrophizing- When you take things out of proportion (i.e., believing you’ll lose your house just because you were late to work).
  • All-or-Nothing Thinking- Also known as black and white thinking, this is the cognitive distortion that makes you think that one mess up means you must completely start over.
  • Emotional Reasoning- This is when you believe that how you feel is who you are. For example, “I feel dumb, so I am dumb.” Your feelings are valid; your thoughts can lack truth. Feeling some way does not mean you are a certain way.
  • Mind Reading- This is when you think you know what someone is thinking or feeling based off assumptions. Just because someone doesn’t text you back right away doesn’t mean they hate you!

This is only a short list. In our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy session, we will go in depth into the cognitive distortions that strongly affect you. It might feel overwhelming, but with a therapeutic strategy like CBT and a supportive counselor, you can dismantle the lies in your life and rebuild your future.

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

CBT in a Thriveworks The Woodlands session will be client-centered. This means every session will vary depending on where you are at and how you want to grow!

The basics of CBT that will be found in most CBT-focused sessions are simple.

  • Identify the negative thought
  • Uncover the root lie of that thought
  • Challenge the lie with a rational truth
  • Replace the lie with a positive, true thought.
  • Repeat until you start to believe the positive, true thought over the lie!

It’s okay if this process sounds intimidating. Our The Woodlands counselors are trained in CBT and will be with you every step of the way.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Used For?

Cognitive distortions will always be destructive on some level. However, they can become extra dangerous when they develop in conjunction with a mental illness. Because of this, CBT is highly effective in treating mental illnesses such as:

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Insomnia
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Addictions
  • Self-harm
  • Relationship issues

No one is perfect; we all struggle with these cognitive distortions on some level. If you feel like your thoughts and/or emotions are spiraling out of control, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be helpful.

If you are interested in learning more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Thriveworks The Woodlands or want to schedule an appointment with a licensed counselor, call 281-667-9790 today.

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