Remote Therapy in Wilbraham: The Benefits of Online Counseling

Remote Therapy in Wilbraham: The Benefits of Online Counseling

Are you worried about the health and safety risks of visiting a therapist in person during this time of pandemic and social distancing? Perhaps you have children at home and aren’t able to get away from the house for counseling because of childcare restraints. Or maybe you just to prefer to speak with a therapist over the phone rather than face-to-face.

There are many reasons to seek alternatives to in-person office visits and there are multiple options available. Although online therapy and counseling is not new, it has recently become much more common, and even the preferred form for some people.

Our Thriveworks therapy practice in Wilbraham, MA offers remote therapy for many reasons and for everyone. Making an appointment is as easy as booking a session online or calling us at (413) 372-6208.

What Forms of Online Counseling and Therapy Are Available?

The term “online counseling” is often used when referring to any form of therapy that does not require the counselor and client to be together in the same place for a face-to-face session. Also referred to as tele-mental health or remote therapy, these alternative session types can be in the form of video call, online chat or voice conversation. Most often the client will use their computer to access their session, but there are alternatives, including phone sessions, for those that don’t have computer access.

Some common types of remote therapy and counseling include:

  1. Video Call
  2. Videoconferencing
  3. Phone Call
  4. Audioconferencing
  5. Online Chat
  6. Email Therapy
  7. Text Messaging

At Thriveworks in Wilbraham our therapists use a secure, HIPA compliant program for video meetings. This can used on an array of devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. If you are apprehensive about “computer skills” or learning to use a new program, our team is available to help you and answer any questions. Your therapist will set up all of your sessions so that all you only have to login and begin speaking to them about what is most important to you!

What Mental Health Issues Can Be Treated with Remote Therapy?

Finding the right therapy option in Wilbraham should not be limiting. That’s why we offer multiple options to fit your needs. Some of the reasons people speak to a therapist remotely include but are not limited to:

Will I Meet My Therapist In-Person? Do I Have to Choose Between Online and Face-to-Face Counseling?

Occasionally there will be times when you and your counselor will determine that an in-person session is necessary. Online therapy is not all or nothing. Sometimes a hybrid model is best. For some people, online therapy just doesn’t work well. Your session type is always up to you and many options are available with our Wilbraham life coaches, counselors, and therapist.

Does Online Counseling Provide Privacy?

Our sessions are set up to maintain the most confidential environment for your health care so that you can feel comfortable sharing personal details and concerns with your therapist. Our counselors will never record a session and your personal information is treated the same as with an in-person session and in accordance with state regulations.

Some people are fortunate enough to have a home office or private room use for online and phone therapy sessions. For those of us who have more trouble finding privacy in our homes, the therapists and counselors at Thriveworks in Wilbraham are experienced with helping you discover what works best for you. From going out for walk with your therapist on the phone, to evening schedule times when children may be asleep, the flexible benefits are numerous. And for times when you really need to get away, we still offer in person sessions.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Telehealth?

Benefits of online counseling include:

  • Safety: With online and tele-health therapy there is no need for masks and hand sanitizer. Social distancing is built into the online format so you can meet with therapist without the worry of jeopardizing your health or the health of those you love.
  • Comfort: Lounging on your own couch in sweatpants may be the best way for you to relax and open up. Maybe eye contact makes you uncomfortable and you prefer speaking to your therapist over the phone.
  • Convenience: Online therapy can be a good solution when childcare is an issue. Sessions from home help to cut down on travel time and traffic is never an issue.
  • Flexibility: With video and phone counseling you able to search for a counselor in a broader geographic range. For those with disabilities that cause them to rely on others to help with appointment transportation, remote therapy can provide much needed independence and flexibility.
  • Consistence: Maintaining consistent and regular appointments is often crucial for mental health care. With the ability to conduct your session from anywhere there are fewer reasons for cancelations.

Will Insurance Cover Online Therapy and Telehealth?

In March of 2020, Insurance companies began covering all forms of online and remote therapy, even sometime waiving copays. This was in response to Covid-19 and meant to mitigate potential lapses in health care due to lock downs imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

This coverage has been tremendously helpful and remote therapy and mental care has become very common. As more people become comfortable speaking with therapists online, insurance coverage is likely to remain. The benefits of online therapy are wide ranged and available to everyone.

How Can I Begin Therapy with a Remote, Online Counselor?

We know that taking the leap to seek out therapy can be a difficult first step for many people. The decision to look for a therapist is an important one and finding a therapist in the Wilbraham area to help with your specific needs should be simple. This is why we aim to make obtaining an appointment an easy and stress-free process.

Therapists, counselors, and life coaches in Wilbraham have many session times available for remote counseling. You can book an appointment online or call us at (413) 372-6208 to speak with a scheduler over the phone. Your mental health and well-being is our number one concern and we look forwarded to helping you on your journey toward achieving your goals!

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Malia is an amazing doctor. Building rapport via technology is not an easy thing to do, and I felt a sense of comfort and support early on in our time working together. She is very accommodating and understanding…She makes an effort to get to know those she works with so she can better support them as a whole person. It’s not every day you find a doctor who will go the extra mile for their patients.
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Malia Weber-Parker

I’ve had the pleasure of having Mrs Weber Parker as my provider for a little while now. I am a patient of hers from a former practice and followed her to thrive works because of her professionalism and attentiveness to my needs! I would recommend her highly
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Malia weber-parker

I am so very happy with the level of professionalism, compassion and courtesy I receive from psychiatrist Malia Weber-Parker every time we have an appointment. She is such the right fit for me I followed her from her old practice to this one! I really enjoy working with her and will continue to see her for all of my psychiatric needs
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