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Nobody enters a relationship or marriage thinking that it will always be easy. Every couple has navigated differing expectations, beliefs and communication styles. When unique people come together there is a lot of communication and understanding involved in creating a fulfilling relationship. Your significant others’ individuality is special and often what attracted you to them in the first place. But happily-ever-after doesn’t mean happily-easy-forever. What happens when those differences start to feel too overwhelming to resolve by yourselves? Where do you turn when you feel like communication has broken down and your needs aren’t being met? What do you do when your ideas aren’t being heard?

Sharing horizons that are new to us, watching the signs along the way, talkin’ it over, just the two of us, workin’ together day to day.”

— The Carpenters

Many couples seek marriage counseling to help mediate or move past the issues that are holding them back and causing emotional pain. When blame and resentment build, it can become impossible to hear one another out. An outside perspective from a trained, professional couples and marriage counselors can help to improve communication, mutual respect, and the growth of a healthier relationship.

Whether the nature of your relationship is transitioning or if you are trying to strengthen and improve your established situation, seeking the help and advice of a professional does not imply failure, but rather, an important and meaningful appreciation for your loved one. Maybe you are wondering how marriage counseling can help. If you are thinking about reaching out to a therapist for relationship counseling, we are available to discuss the options with you. If you are near the West Springfield area and are considering marriage counseling for your relationship, please reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in West Springfield, MA. We are available to begin a conversation with you and your loved one!

What’s Marriage Counseling and How Can It Help?

Also known as couple’s counseling, or marital therapy, marriage counseling is also often used in conjunction with or in addition to family therapy, individual counseling, life coaching for relationships, pre-marriage counseling and Christian counseling.

Marriage counselors help couples in romantic relationships resolve conflicts, strengthen communication and make difficult decisions or transitions. It is often short term and usually involves both partners but can be individual. Marriage counseling services can include but are not limited to dating, engagement, marriage, family planning, same-sex relationships, family grief or loss, separation, divorce, coparenting, illness.

Benefits of counseling for couples can include an increase in open communication, better communication techniques and problem-solving tools. Therapists can help you and your partner learn how to discuss your differences in a rational and positive manner. They can help you understand each other’s emotional needs and desires and prepare you for future challenges as you navigate the life you share.

What Issues Are Addressed in Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counseling?

Why seek marriage counseling? Is marriage counseling worth it? Is marriage counseling effective? There are many and varied reasons for seeking counseling for marriage and relationships. Perhaps you are trying to save your marriage or maybe you’re wondering if marriage is the right choice for your relationship. Maybe you’re trying to establish a new communication pattern with a past partner who is still in your life.

Our therapists in West Springfield are experienced in helping clients with the unique challenges that couples face. Our licensed and professional counselors will assess the issues presented by you and your partner and develop a plan that addresses your specific needs. Some issues that couples seek counseling for often include:

  • Lack of affection, understanding, or trust
  • Jealousy issues and issues resulting from infidelity or deceptive behavior
  • Differing beliefs, lifestyles or religions
  • Unresolved issues from past relationships and anxiety about the future
  • Sexual difficulties and sexual communication issues
  • Family planning, fertility issues, miscarriage and pregnancy
  • Parenting disagreements, coparenting, and differing parenting styles and expectations
  • Financial stress as a result of unemployment, debt, or differing lifestyle expectations
  • Anger issues and anger management
  • Mutual grief due to the loss of a child, parent or loved one or friend
  • Navigating divorce and separation
  • Adapting to new home life situations as a result of retirement or work-at-home situations

Not all relationship issues need to be fixed. Sometimes the help we are seeking may be about letting go and transitioning into new fulfilling stages of life. Other times the best guidance for a relationship is the kind that helps to strengthen and improve the bond we hold so dear. Whatever you and your partner are going through, counselors at Thriveworks West Springfield are dedicated to understanding you and your loved ones needs and helping you realize your relationship goals.

Marriage Counseling and What to Expect: What Happens During a Couples or Marriage Therapy Session?

Most often therapists will meet with couples together to help identity and create resolution for issues at hand. Sometimes a therapist will want to meet for individual sessions related to specific personal concerns and issues. Couples therapy can be short term or evolved into more in-depth therapy for specific issues that are uncovered.

Often times your therapist approach will include the following steps:

  1. Identifying areas of conflict and miscommunication
  2. Provide insight and tools to develop better conflict resolution
  3. Prepare for future challenges
  4. Mediate expectations and differences
  5. Develop skill and patterns to help adapt help to changing circumstances

Counseling for issues that are shared between couples can often be difficult, not for lack of wanting to improve, but often because outside barriers get in the way. Whether it’s jugging different schedules, childcare, or concerns with social distancing recommendations, accommodations are available. Thriveworks in West Springfield offers couples multiple session types depending on your needs. We are available for in person therapy, teletherapy, online counseling, and phone call or a video conferencing. Your needs are important to us and we are here to help you.

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Our goal is to make getting started with marriage and couples counseling easy for you and your partner. You can reach us 7 days a week or schedule an appointment online with any of our counselors. We offer affordable therapy, accept many insurance plans, and can offer financial assistance when needed. Please don’t hesitate to call us.

Thriveworks is here for you to provide a confidential and safe place for you and your partner to work through the ups-and-downs of your relationship and look toward your future!

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