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Some of us like to enjoy a glass of wine or beer after a stressful week; others can’t stop themselves from drinking the whole bottle or case. Similarly, some of us can finish out our painkiller prescription after an accident with no problem, while other people become dependent on or addicted to the drug. Substance abuse and addiction are serious problems. If you’re struggling with an addiction, the good news is that there is help available. Don’t go through this alone—reach out for help at Thriveworks West Palm Beach.

“Your best days are ahead of you. The movie starts when the guy gets sober and puts his life back together; it doesn’t end there.” –Bucky Sinister

Are you looking for help with your substance abuse? Thriveworks West Palm Beach, FL has counselors and therapists who specialize in helping people manage their symptoms and cope in everyday life with their addiction. These professionals have the skills, the experience, and the caring nature to truly help you. Call us today to schedule your appointment or hear more about the services offered at Thriveworks West Palm Beach.

What Is Substance Abuse? Do I Have Substance Use Disorder?

Substance abuse or addiction is when an individual’s use of a substance has a negative impact on major areas of life, such as their work, their relationships, or their overall health and wellbeing. Commonly abused substances include alcohol as well as prescription drugs, which might start out as normal or acceptable usage. In any case, the given substance has negative consequences. And it’s important that the individual confronts their substance abuse or addiction as soon as possible.

There are several levels of substance use disorder. Simply: mild, moderate, and severe substance use disorder. This level depends on the severity of one’s symptoms, which commonly include:

  • Using a substance for longer or in larger amounts than originally intended
  • The inability to stop use or cut back on use of the substance
  • Spending large amounts of time and energy obtaining and using the substance
  • Having an ongoing urge to use the given substance
  • Failing to maintain one’s responsibilities at work or school due to the substance
  • Continuing use even when it has a negative impact on relationships
  • Missing out on important events or experiences due to substance
  • Continuing use even when one knows it could exacerbate current problems (physical and mental)
  • Need for larger quantities of the substance at hand
  • Withdrawal symptoms when the individual does not use for a given period of time

Are you familiar with these symptoms of substance use disorder? Do you experience them in your own life? Do you see them in a friend or family member? Acknowledging that you or a loved one might have a substance abuse or addiction problem is hard and scary. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Consider working with a substance abuse counselor at Thriveworks West Palm Beach, as they can offer you the right guidance and support.

Do I Need Substance Abuse Counseling? How Does It Help?

Individual therapy and group counseling can prove beneficial to those with a substance abuse problem. Individual therapy involves developing skills for coping with one’s addiction and staying sober in everyday life. The individual will identify negative thinking and behavior patterns, correct these patterns, and in turn, live better. Further specifics will depend on one’s specific situation and needs.

Group counseling is also valuable, as it offers individuals peer support. Additionally, it helps to resolve the problem of loneliness and isolation, which is common among those who are addressing a substance abuse or addiction problem.

Work with a Substance Abuse Counselor at Thriveworks West Palm Beach

Substance abuse is an enormous, prevalent problem in society. Not only does it prove harmful to the individual who is experiencing the addiction firsthand, but it proves to harm the individual’s loved ones as well. This makes receiving treatment as soon as possible extremely important.

Thriveworks West Palm Beach wants to help you manage your substance abuse, addiction, or substance use disorder. Whatever it is, your substance abuse counselor will do their best to help you abstain from using the given substance, coping in everyday life, and ultimately live a happier, healthier life.

If you are interested in scheduling a substance abuse counseling appointment, just give Thriveworks West Palm Beach a call.

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