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Davis can’t believe his wife is really gone. After 12 years of marriage, he still wakes up expecting to be next to her… and then reality hits him like a splash of cold water. Despite what he feels on the inside, Davis’s friends and family tell him that he’s done remarkably well, having only lost her 6 months ago to a long battle with lymphoma. 

But with their kids depending on him, his manager expecting his work performance to eventually rebound, and a pile of repairs waiting to be done at the house, Davis is hanging by a thread—and he’s sick of it. That’s why he went online to schedule his first grief counseling session with a therapist; he’s ready to start making progress again. 

Sound familiar? Maybe you don’t relate entirely to what Davis is going through—but have experienced the impact of a significant change or loss in your own life. That’s where the grief counseling experts at Thriveworks San Diego, CA can assist you. 

We offer comprehensive, personalized grief counseling on an individualized basis, addressing your needs, wants, and goals. Learn more below. 

Do I Need Grief Therapy? 

In most instances, the decision to seek out grief counseling (or grief therapy, as it’s referred to interchangeably) is yours. But there are some key indicators that you might benefit more from talking to someone include: 

  • Sadness that doesn’t seem to fade 
  • Anger about your loss and what could have been done to prevent it
  • Regret toward past feelings or actions 
  • Guilt in regards to your inability to prevent the event(s)
  • Confusion about how to move forward after experiencing the loss
  • Yearning for the individual or “thing” you have lost

These emotions are normal to experience during the grieving and bereavement process. But if these feelings prevent you from being able to function during your daily life, it’s highly likely that grief counseling could offer a helping hand. 

How Does Grief Therapy Work? 

Yes, grief therapy can help you work through one of the most difficult times in your life. By talking with a therapist in grief counseling sessions, you’ll begin to sort through the emotional weight, the shock, and the emptiness left in the wake of a significant loss. 

Grief therapy works to help you: 

  • Accept loss: Sometimes, the hardest part of your loss is accepting the permanence that this person, job, object, or relationship is gone permanently. Your grief counselor can help you completely understand this process.
  • Cope more healthily: Though we might try our hardest, sometimes vices take hold when we’re grieving. It’s not uncommon to cope with alcohol, drugs, risky sex, or self-harming behaviors while grieving—but a therapist can help you learn to meditate, journal, organize your day, and even run your household more effectively. 
  • Process difficult emotions: Some people experience difficult emotions immediately—others experience their whirlwind of emotions much later. One goal of grief counseling is to express and explore whatever emotions you are feeling at the moment.
  • Move forward with your lives: When you lose a loved one, your whole life changes. A grief counselor can help you adjust to life without this person, in a way that will still allow you to live a happy, successful life.

Is There Grief Counseling in San Diego, CA? 

At Thriveworks San Diego, CA we offer grief counseling to people from all types of backgrounds. Whatever type of loss you’ve suffered, we’ll treat your grief on an individualizes basis—with sessions from a counselor who can empathize with your diverse life experiences. 

It’s a sign of strength and a commitment to yourself to invest in grief counseling at Thriveworks San Diego, CA. We applaud you for your courage and desire to move forward.

Schedule Grief Counseling in San Diego, CA

Without the right support and coping skills, the grieving process can feel like a never-ending nightmare. There’s no need to endure that and suffer alone.  

At Thriveworks San Diego, our therapists are here to help. If you think you could benefit from partnering with them, schedule a grief counseling session online, or give our office a call to get started. When you schedule with Thriveworks, you get access to industry-leading perks, such as: 

  • We make therapy and psychiatry affordable—we’re in network with insurance
  • Compassionate care from experts in the mental health field
  • Schedule your session easily over the phone with our support team
  • Meet with a therapist in person at our San Diego, CA office today—or online, with virtual video therapy options 
  • Get high-quality therapy and psychiatry from expert mental health professionals 

You may not be able to change the past—but you can prepare for a better future by booking a session with one of our grief therapists. We look forward to hearing from you at Thriveworks San Diego, CA. 

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