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Rachel’s anxiety has held her back for many years. She’s done her best to conceal her inner turmoil, but on the inside, she never truly relaxes. The few times that she has opened up to her friends or family, they’ve suggested that she could talk with a mental health professional, but she feels like doing so would make her appear and feel weak or dependent. However, she knows that the longer she avoids these feelings, the more her anxiety will affect her daily life. 

If you’re like Rachel and you’re suffering from persistent mental health concerns, just know that you’re not alone—and there’s no shame in what you’re feeling. At Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX, we know that there’s a lot of stigma and negativity that surrounds topics of mental health. But these misconceptions shouldn’t hold you back from getting the stability and support that you deserve. 

Many people have found that our psychiatry program provides them with the quality mental health care that they need. Online psychiatry with Thriveworks in Beaumont is a great way to connect with a psychiatrist and to start making strides towards better mental health. 

How Can a Psychiatrist Help Me?

Psychiatrists are a specialized type of mental health professional, and they offer our clients a unique way to mitigate and manage the symptoms of more persistent and disruptive types of mental health conditions and disorders. Psychiatrists are set apart from other providers with their medical background; they’re also doctors, in addition to being licensed therapists. They have the ability to: 

  • Diagnose and treat many different types of mental health disorders 
  • Prescribe helpful medication to assist clients with their symptoms 
  • Use talk and behavioral therapy in combination with a prescription 

Don’t let their medical background intimidate you though. Our psychiatric team in Beaumont, TX wants to address any concerns or questions you have about your treatment plan. Even if you aren’t exactly sure what’s wrong, they’ll partner with you to help diagnose and manage the symptoms of mental illness. Some common disorders and conditions that our psychiatrists help everyday people with include: 

  • ADHD 
  • OCD 
  • Depression 
  • Social anxiety 
  • PTSD 
  • Eating disorders
  • Recovery from alcoholism or drug abuse
  • And many other mental health conditions 

While some of our clients receive prescriptions, others don’t—it all depends on the person’s needs. Some of the medications that psychiatrists use include mood stabilizers, antidepressants, or prescriptions like cognitive performance enhancers. These medications aren’t intended to fix a client’s problems on their own but might give clients the extra help they need to enjoy a better quality of living.  

The Benefits of Online Psychiatry

If you’re like most people, it probably feels like there’s never enough time in your day. We’d like to give a little back with our online psychiatric services. Even when things are hectic, you’ll still be able to make time for your mental health needs. While stopping to do so might seem selfish or unnecessary, the truth is that balancing our mental health can help us to be more present and engaged during the moments that matter. 

Online psychiatry might benefit you if: 

  • Live too far away from your provider’s office 
  • Frequently travel or work odd hours 
  • Have health conditions that restrict your mobility
  • Take care of elderly family members or children 
  • Are uncomfortable speaking with a provider in-person 

Plus, rest easy during your session knowing that your private information is being kept safe. Our providers adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines from the APA and HIPAA. Our psychiatry team at our Beaumont office is looking forward to providing you with quality virtual service. 

Schedule an Online Psychiatry Session with Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX

Don’t keep waiting if it feels like your mental health needs attention. By connecting with one of our providers, you can enjoy the support and insight that’s provided by a mental health professional. When you call, you’ll be connected with someone from our scheduling team. Our specialists are available seven days a week and can help you to set up your insurance to cover any costs, or to find a provider, even if there isn’t anyone in your immediate area. 

In addition, we also provide industry-leading benefits for those who enroll with us, such as: 

  •     Evening and weekend appointments
  •     Same- and next-day appointments
  •     No waitlists
  •     Flexible online therapy options (live video chats, messaging, and telephone options)
  •     Access to exclusive video and e-book content 

If online psychiatry sounds like something that could benefit you, reach out to Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX to partner with one of our psychiatrists. It’s time for you to start thriving—we can help. 

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