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Ray’s had a rocky relationship with his mother ever since an argument they had last Thanksgiving. Because of their opposing political views, Ray and his mom got into an argument that ruined the holiday. Any communication that they’ve had since is sporadic and tense. Even though Ray loves his mother and wants to preserve his relationship with her, they can’t seem to find common ground and struggle to talk about the issues separating them. 

Because of the tense situation that’s developed, Ray feels as though it could be beneficial to have someone impartial mediate their attempts to reconcile. His sister recommended to him that they seek the assistance of a family counselor—she said that a mental health professional might be able to help them both see each other more clearly. Even though Ray’s never talked with a counselor before, he feels like his mother and himself could benefit from the clarity and insight that a mental health professional can offer. 

Negative family dynamics can be tense sources of anger and frustration—maybe even anxiety. If there’s conflict occurring in your household or between relatives that live apart, there’s no need to try and fix the problem alone. Reach out to Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX. Our mental health professionals are ready to team up with you and the ones you love. 

Does Our Family Need Counseling Services? 

Whether or not your family needs the assistance of a family counselor is an independent choice, but at Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX, we know that every family can benefit from connecting with a mental health professional. And if you are interested in seeking professional assistance, know that there’s no shame in doing so. By partnering with one of our providers, you can actively work to protect and improve the relationships between you and your loved ones.

With this in mind, there are common issues and signs that might indicate a family is in trouble, including: 

  • Communication skills that aren’t fully developed, resulting in constant arguments and bickering
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol in response to stress 
  • Untreated or potentially undiagnosed mental illness or disorders that family members are suffering from, like ADHD or depression 
  • Stress from caring for a disabled or elderly member 
  • Deaths within the family that have occurred without time to process the event 
  • One or more family members struggling with PTSD
  • Undiagnosed behavioral issues 
  • Residual anger or resentment between relatives over perceived wrongs or shortcomings

Family counselors seek to connect with each family member, listening to their perspective and allowing them to communicate in a safe and tolerant environment. Still, we understand that sharing details about your private home or family life might be stressful. But rest assured, our family counselors go to great lengths to ensure that your sessions are private, following strict APA and HIPAA guidelines to ensure your privacy and client confidentiality. 

How Can a Family Counselor Benefit Us? 

Our family counseling services are a great way to get professional help to proactively address negative dynamics and behaviors, and to stop them from continuing. The family counseling team at Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX can…

  • Assist relatives with previously undiagnosed mental health conditions to find new emotional balance and well-being 
  • Act as a neutral third party during therapy sessions, allowing for more balanced dialogue and candid discussion
  • Create and promote newfound respect for each family member’s personal boundaries
  • Help you to empathize and compromise with one another 

These are just a few of the many different ways that one of our mental health professionals can help you and your family members. And don’t fret if you’re separated by distance. As long as everyone has reliable internet and somewhere private to talk with your family counselor, online family counseling is a viable option. Connect on the go, and prioritize your emotional well-being, even if you have a busy schedule, with online family counseling. 

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Don’t let indecision and negative dynamics call the shots in your family. If you’re ready to make a change and discover the possible benefits of family counseling, reach out to Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX to get started. It’s difficult to navigate family issues alone, but connecting with one of our family counselors is easy. 

When you call our Beaumont, TX office to enroll with us, you’ll be assisted by our scheduling team. Our specialists are available seven days a week and can offer you help with setting up your insurance to cover costs, finding a provider, or the right session time. And when you’ve finished enrolling, you can immediately access premium benefits like: 

  • Convenient online counseling services 
  • No waitlist
  • The added flexibility of weekend and evening session availability 
  • Email contact with your provider in-between sessions 
  • Our Q/A ask a coach option: get answers to questions that can’t wait from our life coaches 

Taking the right steps towards better mental health for you and your family might mean getting the assistance of a mental health professional. At Thriveworks in Beaumont, TX, we’d like to partner with you to make emotional wellbeing a reality for you and those closest to you. Call our office today to get started. 

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