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Sandra has been experiencing uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts. She hates getting out of bed each morning and sometimes refuses to. But when she does get up to go to work, she suffers throughout the day. Her thoughts look like this:

  • Are all of my coworkers laughing at me? I know they think that I don’t fit in.
  • Is my boss going to be satisfied with my work? What if he isn’t?
  • What if I get fired? I have to start saving all of my money just in case.
  • Am I doing a good job? Maybe I’m not doing as good of a job as I once thought.

Sandra keeps all of these thoughts to herself. But she feels like she is pushing her limit and might scream at the top of her lungs. Sandra doesn’t know what to do or who to turn to. She doesn’t want to worry her friends and family members any more than they already are.

People like Sandra in this fictitious example can benefit from talking to a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist can assess her unique symptoms and then offer a diagnosis. This diagnosis then serves as the foundation for the right treatment. 

If you are experiencing anxiety symptoms like Sandra, or you are experiencing different symptoms, consider talking to our online psychiatrists at Thriveworks Counseling in Cary, NC. Our team can assess your symptoms, make diagnoses, and structure treatment all online. There may be occasional instances in which we ask you to come into the office for an in-person exam or check-in, but otherwise, we will help you over the phone or video.

This online setup makes psychiatric care more relaxed and convenient. If you are ready to receive comfortable and convenient help in North Carolina, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Cary, NC.

Who Should Schedule a Session with a Psychiatrist?

Thriveworks has been providing people with mental health services since 2008. We are set on an important mission, which is to help others live happier, more successful lives. If you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition, they are surely holding you back. Nobody deserves to suffer from an unrelenting disorder, especially when there is effective treatment out there. 

You might benefit from scheduling a session with a psychiatrist if the following are present in your life:

  • Symptoms of anxiety disorders
  • Depressive thoughts and feelings
  • Symptoms of other mood disorders
  • Addictive behaviors or substance abuse problems
  • Sleep disorders, like insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Trauma and symptoms of PTSD

Thriveworks is ready and equipped to help you with the above, in addition to other challenges. A psychiatrist will look at your specific symptoms and then design a course for treatment. They will likely rely on a self-report of symptoms and they might conduct psychological tests, depending on what your challenge is. 

Once they have a better understanding of what you are experiencing and what your needs are, they can come up with an effective treatment plan. This treatment plan might involve…

  • Therapy
  • Medication

Or, treatment might involve both therapy and medication. A big difference between psychiatrists and other mental health professionals is that they are medical doctors. Not only can they offer diagnoses, but they can provide multiple treatment options, including therapy and medication management. Other mental health professionals, on the other hand, cannot prescribe or manage a client’s medication.

Schedule Psychiatric Services at Thriveworks in Cary, NC Today

If you are ready to talk to a psychiatrist about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, call Thriveworks. You can work with any of our online psychiatrists who reside in the state of North Carolina. As we touched on before, you can meet with your psychiatrist in an online setting, with the exception of an in-person assessment or check-in here and there. 

Thriveworks Counseling is ready to see you now. Call us to schedule your appointment, and we can get you scheduled immediately. You might even meet with your psychiatrist today or tomorrow, depending on your availability.

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