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All couples can experience challenges throughout the years; even the strongest marriages have their difficulties now and then. But don’t let issues or disagreements get the better of you. If you’re not feeling the spark like you used to, Newton MA marriage therapy may be a wise choice for you and your spouse.

Consider attending counseling as an investment in your relationship and future happiness. After all, if you’re sick you’ll go to the doctor; if your car breaks down you’ll have it towed to a mechanic. Your marriage deserves the same attention, whether it’s a little unhealthy or on the verge of failure.

Relationship Ups and Downs

As mentioned earlier, all marriages will experience highs and lows throughout the years, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your challenges seriously. If lately you’re experiencing more tough times than happy ones, Newton MA couples counseling can offer the support you need to get back on track.

Sometimes, couples might dismiss the suggestion to seek help because their relationship has been mainly happy. They might think things aren’t bad enough to require therapy. But why wait until it feels worse? A little support and guidance now might ward off bigger issues in the future.

A Myriad of Marriage Issues

Regardless of the problems you’re facing, our therapists can help facilitate healthy communication with the goal of achieving resolution. In fact, while each couples circumstances are unique, there are several common issues that Newton MA couples counselors see pop up again and again. Ask yourself:

  • Are you struggling to communicate effectively?
  • Do you worry about budget issues?
  • Are you disagreeing about raising children?
  • Do you argue about finances?
  • Are you worried your spouse is having an affair?

These are all common issues that your marriage therapist is well equipped to support you in addressing, as well as any other issues you may be facing.

Did you know that, according to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, 93% of couples surveyed reported seeing a counselor left them feeling much better prepared to address any issues in the future?

Wherever your troubles stem from, pragmatic and insightful Newton MA marital therapists are available to assist with them, offering seasoned wisdom and support.

Why Attend Counseling?

Still unsure whether attending marriage therapy is the right fit for you and your husband or wife? Here are a couple of points that may encourage you:
Counseling is excellent for couples that know they have issues, but are at a loss for how to address them.

Therapy can help both of you develop better problem solving and communication skills that will benefit you for years to come – in your relationship and as individuals.
97% of people surveyed by the AAMFT reported a successful outcome after attending counseling.

When Divorce is on the Table

Occasionally, despite attending counseling, it does turn out that divorce is the only option for some couples. While certain sources are quick to state that approximately 50% of American marriages end in divorce, don’t let that put you off trying, or make you feel like you’re just giving up!

You may be pleased to know that statistic has actually been fairly constant for the last three decades! The only difference is that lately society has eased up on the stigma that was once associated with divorce.

Couples are now more willing and able to admit when their relationships are struggling. This has often made them more willing to try therapy, which often has a happy outcome. It’s also empowered partners to admit when the relationship is over, rather than feeling obligated to stay together in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.

Even if you and your spouse have made the choice to separate, you may still want to attend Newton MA couples counseling together. Doing so can help you resolve your differences and move forward in the most positive way possible. Utilizing marriage therapy when working out the terms of your divorce can result in less acrimony and be especially beneficial for those who are co-parenting children.

Are you open to exploring your relationship through counseling, even if divorce is a possibility? A professional therapist can help, whether you want to give your marriage one more try or would like to move on with a minimum of stress and discord during a potentially challenging time.

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Whatever stage your relationship is at or challenge you and your spouse are experiencing, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to discuss setting up an initial appointment.

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