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There’s a reason the beginning of a relationship is called the “honeymoon phase.” You and your partner started your relationship in sheer bliss. You had so much in common and talked about anything and everything — every moment was new and exciting. Maybe there were things that bothered you but you ignored them or figured that they would work themselves out.

But relationships evolve and what seemed like a minor annoyance at first may soon become insurmountable. The person you once felt closest to might start to feel so distant that it is hard to remember the better times you shared.

All relationships naturally have “ups and downs” and this ebb and flow is part of sharing your life with someone else. However, what happens when the “down” times become so consistent or overwhelming that you feel your bond slipping away? What happens when you feel like you are fighting all the time and you don’t know how to make things better on your own?

Despite the happy endings we often see in movies and TV shows, committing to a relationship takes dedication and hard work. Sometimes you just need a little extra support or guidance — in those instances, relationship counseling can help you get things back on track with the person you love.

It’s okay to ask for help. The licensed marriage and couples therapists at Thriveworks in Long Beach, CA are here to help you and your significant other reopen the lines of communication and regain the intimacy and trust you once shared.

Why Seek Out Relationship Counseling?

People seek couples therapy and marriage counseling for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Financial issues
  • Inability to move beyond disagreements
  • Intimacy dissatisfaction
  • Persistent arguments about parenting and child-rearing
  • Poor communication or having the same argument over and over
  • Missing the spark you once had in your relationship
  • Substance abuse by one or both partners
  • Trust issues or infidelity

Any of these issues can create a wall between you and your partner, putting strain where there once was unfettered happiness. The professionals at Thriveworks understand how to get couples talking again so they can begin to heal and move forward.

When you are paired with one of our couples counselors, you can begin to work through your issues and open up in a judgment-free and confidential environment. Our licensed professionals provide an objective and collaborative perspective that can help you get to the root of the problems you are experiencing and begin to create better trust and understanding.

How Does Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling Work?

Whether your issues feel major or minor, a couples counselor or therapist can help you build a closer bond with your partner. You may learn how to resolve conflicts, communicate more effectively, increase your relationship satisfaction, and grow together as partners.

Though couples and marriage therapy can help you work through a specific issue, the lessons learned can last a lifetime. Couples often cite the following takeaways from working with a marriage and couples therapist:

  • New insight into their relationship dynamics
  • A better understanding of each partner’s desires and goals
  • A newfound appreciation for each other
  • More effective ways of coping with distress
  • Increased levels of intimacy and romance
  • Improved communication
  • Stronger conflict resolution skills

If you’re ready to learn how to connect on a deeper level with your partner and overcome the challenges that are holding you back, consider reaching out to us at Thriveworks in Long Beach, CA. Our marriage and couples therapists can help you remember what was so special about your relationship in the first place.

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At Thriveworks, our mental health professionals are committed to finding a time that works for you. We have weekday, evening, and evening sessions available and new clients can often see a couples therapist within 24-48 hours of reaching out. We also offer remote appointments via phone or video in case in-person appointments are tough to schedule. You can speak with one of our licensed counselors or therapists without ever stepping foot outside your door.

Thriveworks accepts many insurance plans and offers a number of client benefits, including text assistance via our Success Navigator app, free educational video content, and an ultra-flexible cancellation policy. Clients can also access their counselors by email and phone in between sessions.

Contact Thriveworks in Long Beach, CA today to start enjoying the many benefits of couples and marriage counseling. We look forward to helping you build a happier, healthier bond and hope to see you soon.

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