Bullying Awareness & Prevention

October is National Bullying Prevention Month: What can you do to help stop bullying?

From elementary school through high school, many children experience bullying from their classmates every year.  Bullying is harmful to all parties and can cause lingering emotional trauma that affects children well into adulthood. In an effort to protect kids and limit bullying’s damaging effects, October has been recognized as National…

How to survive a viral punishment: Cancel culture stories of social sanctions and online shaming

It wouldn’t surprise me if cavepeople worried about getting canceled. Steal someone’s share of the weekly mammoth meat and you’d probably be ostracized by the clan, forced to make your own fire in a lesser, lonelier cave. Until your people forgave your transgression and invited you back into the fold,…

Parents can prevent sibling bullying by spending more time with their firstborn (Video)

Older brothers and sisters push around their younger siblings. But parents can put an end to this sibling bullying by spending more quality time with their firstborn. A University of Warwick study found that giving the eldest child more attention will prevent them from feeling threatened by and bullying siblings….

Is cyberbullying really a thing? Stay safe and protect yourself from online harassment

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying in which the perpetrator uses technological means to harass, demean, tease, or threaten their victim(s). Cyberbullies can attack their victims via social media, text, phone call, or email, anytime and anywhere, so long as they have access to this technology. Anybody can become a…

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