Missing the tailgates and cheering from the stands? College football fans are taking a hard hit this season

As soon as talk about a looming global pandemic swept across the States, everyone took a hard, isolated hit. For fans of sports teams, this was an especially hard transition in a unique way. Most major sports seasons were halted or altered—which meant that fans of these sports teams weren’t…

Binge drinking is dropping significantly among college students in states where marijuana is legalized

A new study says binge drinking rates among college students are dropping significantly in states where marijuana is legalized. Researchers looked at data from seven different states and 135 colleges where marijuana was legalized by the year 2018 as well as 41 states and 454 colleges where recreational marijuana use…

Women select lower paying majors than men, despite both sex’s desire to pursue a major with the highest potential earnings

Male students select higher paying majors than female students, even when both sexes report wanting to pursue a major with the highest potential earnings. The research team says that this might be due in part to women feeling that certain fields, like STEM, are not open or accessible to them….

Mental health and illness statistics among college students: Stress, depression, anxiety, and effect on academic performance

College can prove difficult for many different reasons: the most obvious is the stress and strain that come with performing well academically. But there are other stressors that prove significant. The stress that comes with balancing schoolwork combined with the stress of fulfilling other responsibilities and catering to one’s personal…

College students are facing significant mental health challenges: Here are 7 conditions to keep an eye out for

College students face severe mental health challenges, which threaten to wreak havoc on their studies as well as their overall wellbeing. It’s important to keep a watchful eye on the college goers in your life, specifically if they exhibit harmful symptoms of a mental illness like anxiety or depression. In…

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