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Parenting a child is one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer, and that doesn’t change when you switch to co-parenting. While co-parenting a child comes with its own array of difficulties and problems to navigate, it can be just as rewarding and healthy, maybe even more so.

There’s a bad rap around co-parenting. People seem to think that if you have to resort to co-parenting, you’ve somehow failed as a parent in the first place. This is a flat out lie. Parents who co-parent can still be amazing, loving, and great at their job.

That doesn’t make the job of a coparent any easier, though. There’s no blueprint or step-by-step guide to co-parenting, despite it being a common practice. That’s what Thriveworks Greenville co-parenting counseling steps in. Our experts have helped countless couples navigate the murky water of co-parenting, and we are excited to do the same with you! (864) 952-4048

What does Co-Parenting Counseling Look Like?

How can we put aside our differences to work together? What does a healthy balance look like? How can I best support my child and guarantee the best future for them? Will Greenville Co-parenting teach me how to parent?

Co-parenting is a broad topic! There are a million ways to do it right. Thriveworks co-parenting therapists aren’t here to tell you which way you should parent. We are here to meet you where you’re at and help you through the problems you are presented with. Everyone’s problems will be different, and so should everyone’s therapeutic process.

Co-parent therapy might also involve the child. This is an adjustment they will need to adapt to as well, and it can be helpful to work through some of their emotions and questions in a safe, nonjudgmental, nonbiased space. You love your child, that’s proven by your interest in learning more about co-parenting. You want what is best, and we are in no way trying to replace you. Sometimes, a professional counselor can reach emotional areas of your child that you, because of your proximity to them, cannot.

Finally, co-parenting is about teaching you how to give yourself grace and self-love. Parenting is hard, and you’re bound to make a mistake every now and again. Self-care and self-acceptance are just as important parts to co-parenting as communication and follow-through are.

More specifically, co-parenting in Greenville might cover:

  • Resolving past conflicts with your co-parent partner
  • Setting up healthy mental and emotional boundaries
  • Develop strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Managing the many duties of a coparent
  • Adjust to the big change
  • What your parenting style might be and how to implement it effectively and lovingly
  • Strengthen relationship with kid(s)
  • Anything else that you bring up!

Co-parenting is a broad subject that will be different depending on your unique situation, personality, and goals. Thriveworks Greenville co-parenting counseling makes sure to keep you at the center of all our sessions so you and your family can move on to a healthy, happy future.

When is Co-Parenting Counseling Beneficial?

You give so much of yourself to your children – your work, love, and energy are just the start. While it can be hard to take a step back and take care of yourself, it is a crucial habit to get in to. Children are imitators. When your children see you setting aside time to better yourself and make time for your own mental health, they will begin imitating your proactiveness and self-love.

Co-parenting counseling in Greenville might be especially helpful if you are struggling with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Struggling to get a healthy amount of sleep
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Constant backlash or fighting with your child
  • Unsure how to parent a specific issue
  • Fighting with the other parent figure involved
  • Are unhappy or unfulfilled
  • Want to work on your relationship with your children or co-parent partner
  • Want to help your child through a hard time
  • Have someone in the family with a mental illness
  • Want to work on your own happiness! This is an oftentimes understated but crucial aspect of counseling

Counseling for co-parents is built to meet your needs. Thriveworks Greenville co-parenting therapists will stand by your side giving you expert advice, support, and encouragement as you grow past this difficult time and into a bright future.

We offer convenient appointment times – day, evening, and weekends.  We accept most major insurance plans. And there’s no long waiting list to get an appointment.  In most cases, we can offer you an appointment in 24-48 hours.

To schedule an online or in-person co-parent counseling session, give us a call at: (864) 952-4048.

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