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In the 2012 Marvel Comic movie, The Avengers, the heroes are faced with the daunting task of saving the world. They must fight evil and, among other things, cyborg-like beings and Leviathan creatures that stretch several city blocks. If they are to have even the slightest chance of being victorious, everyone must work together, including the Hulk.

Captain America suggests to Dr. Banner, who when angered, transforms into the Hulk, “Now might be a really good time for you to get angry.” Dr. Banner replies, “That’s my secret, Captain, I’m always angry.”

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the movie, the Avengers rally together to save the world.

Can you relate that last statement? Do you always feel angry? Is your anger something that you just can’t seem to shake?

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On the outside, you’re calm and collected; but inside, there’s a fire and fury that seems impossible to quench. Your friends and co-workers may not even be aware of it, but you’re angry…really angry and no one knows. Or maybe everyone knows it and no one wants to be around you. You regularly lose your temper. Co-workers avoid conflict with you for fear of the backlash that always ensues – verbal, emotional, or otherwise. You often get your way, but not because you’re right. It’s because friends and family know that if they disagree with or challenge you, it’ll only start another fight.

This is no way to live! You know it – everyone around you knows it, but managing your anger is not easy. You’ve probably thought:

  • “How can I reduce my anger?”
  • “Why do I lose my temper?”
  • “Can I control my anger outbursts?”
  • “Why am I so angry?”
  • “Where can I get counseling for my anger?”

What is Anger?

It’s helpful to understand what anger is. Anger is a natural emotional response to a threat, frustration, criticism, or irritation. It often stems from an injustice, regardless of whether the injustice is actual or just perceived. How often one gets angry, or the intensity associated with anger, vary from person-to-person.

Common Anger Triggers:

Anger can be triggered by the threat of harm. It can be caused by a memory of a traumatic event. Some people experience anger from disappointment, either in themselves or someone else. As humans, we’re wired with the expectation that we’ll be treated fairly, so when that expectation is not met, it upsets us – it angers us!

How is Anger Displayed:

Anger can manifest itself in many ways. It affects us physically and emotionally. Initially, our bodies respond to anger as a defense mechanism. Increased breathing, elevated blood pressure, perspiration, chest pain, and flushed complexion are all outward signs of anger. Internal signs of anger include headache, fatigue, and gastrointestinal issues. Anger can create emotional issues, such as anxiety, panic, nervousness, and depression.

Can My Anger be Controlled?

Yes, you can learn to manage your anger. You can learn how to respond to the triggers that seem to always “set you off.” You can control your temper. Some of the most common causes of anger include: stress, anxiety, trauma, being overwhelmed, disappointment, or pain of any kind. Learning how to manage your anger often begins with understanding the source. At Thriveworks Anger Management of Greenville, we’ll explore the issues that make you angry and help you understand why it happens.

Anger management is a valuable skill for everyone. Regardless of how long you’ve struggled with managing your anger, we can help. We offer convenient appointment times. That includes both day and evening hours. We accept most major insurance plans, too. At Thriveworks Anger Management of Greenville, there’s never a waiting list. We can schedule an appointment for you quickly, without the frustration of having to wait several weeks to get started.

There’s never been a better time to take control of your anger issues. Call us today to schedule your first appointment (864) 952-4048.

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Thriveworks Counseling Greenville

Thankful for Emily Gilliam!

Emily helped me out of one of my most scariest times in life. I was suffering from intense anxiety and depress...Read more

ion. I thought I was handling it well until one day had a massive panic attack. I did my research and reached out to her immediately. She met with me the next day and helped my put a plan into place for recovery. The first time I met her, I knew I could trust her and she tailored my therapy and sessions to what I needed at the time and at each stage of progress. There were times I digressed and she helped me get back on track and we celebrated my small wins and progress together. I would recommend her to any friend or family member. I know personally, taking the first step to get help is an important one. I can confidently say she was a great first step for me and I know she's fantastic at helping others too.

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Thriveworks Counseling Greenville

Emily Gilliam

I don’t write many reviews but this one is worth it. I found myself in a difficult and dark spot. A time in ...Read more

my life where in my mind, I had nowhere to turn. I reached out and I had never done this before. It was extremely difficult to say to myself, “I need someone to talk to.” Not knowing who or where that someone would be. And so, I was introduced to Emily Gilliam. A stranger, a therapist, a counselor. I don’t talk as it is, but Emily made it easy as I spilled my circumstances, actions, thoughts, and beliefs to Emily in a comfortable and secure setting. And for over a year, Emily and I were able to get through my darkness, my tough time, my thoughts, my situation. I would not be in my better place right now if it were not for Emily or people like Emily that are in her profession. Emily and people like her are needed and I’m am very happy that our paths crossed. And if you find yourself in a dark spot, a dark place in life, and you have the opportunity for your path to cross into Emily’s, you would be in a safe, secure, professional, space. I do thank her every day, even though she may not know it, or may not know how important she is and was to me and how her help, advice, thoughts, options, and opinions that she gave me got me through my darkness. So, if this review reaches one person and that one person has the opportunity and good fortune to meet and talk to Emily, I would be happy for that one person, as that person would meet an excellent stranger, therapist, counselor, and maybe a friend. Thanks again Emily, I wish nothing but the best, CB.

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Thriveworks Counseling Greenville

Review for Emily Gilliam

Full of compassion, wisdom, and humor, Emily helped guide me through one of the toughest years of my life. She...Read more

is exceptionally skilled at what she does, yet makes each session feel effortless. I could feel she truly cared for me. She taught me practical coping mechanisms while also helping me discover who I was and why I should love every part of myself. I highly recommend Emily Gilliam.

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