Online Marriage Counseling in Franklin, MA (Norfolk County)

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Online Marriage Counseling in Franklin, MA (Norfolk County)

Relationships are bound to go through challenges. The love in a marriage might be strained and tested at times. Work stress, a big move, family changes, and personal challenges are all ways a marriage can be tested. One factor no marriage saw coming though has been hitting us all hard.

The coronavirus.

You might have had Plans A-E written out and were ready to diffuse any marital tension, and the coronavirus probably still caught you off guard.

The world is collectively going through an unprecedented time of uncertainty. Whether it is conscious or not, that world-wide stress is bound to affect our mental health and our marriage.

If your relationship is struggling, don’t panic. Marriage is tricky; there will be ups and downs regardless. With a Thriveworks Franklin online marriage counselor, you and your partner can ride out this storm and come out stronger than before.

What Is Online Marriage Counseling?

Teletherapy, as online counseling is sometimes called, is a way to bring professional counseling to your home (or office, or car, or wherever you feel safe and have access to the internet). You will talk to the same therapist as you would during an in-person counseling session. For the most part, the content of the marriage counseling session will remain the same. The core beliefs and practices of our Hockomock counselors does not change when we go online. Online therapy for married couples is still:

  • Confidential and safe
  • Affordable – Most insurances cover telehealth, and we have an affordable self-pay rate for those that don’t have insurance.
  • Client-centered – Our job as counselors is not to make you believe what we believe about your relationship or personal self. Our job is to help you discover what you believe and give you tools to implement those beliefs. Counseling is about you- your goals, your life, and your situation. That doesn’t change when the counseling modality changes.

Marriage counseling specifically can address a wide range of topics. We see couples for:

  • Work stress creating strain in the relationship
  • Financial stress
  • Loneliness in a relationship
  • Anxiety about the future of the relationship
  • Personal challenges that might be impacting the relationship
  • Adapting to work-at-home or stay-at-home orders
  • Coping mechanisms for the arguments and struggles that might come up
  • Communication progress
  • Differing beliefs or lifestyles
  • Learning how to live together
  • Managing busy schedules
  • Unmet needs for affection
  • Differing expectations for the relationship

This is just a short list. Every marriage is unique and will encounter unique challenges. Thriveworks Franklin in Norfolk county is here for you no matter what you are struggling with.

What Happens In an Online Marriage Counseling Session?

Teletherapy, whether by phone or video, can be confusing. What goes in an online counseling session? Will it be as effective as an in-person counseling session?

With Thriveworks Franklin, it will! Research has shown that online therapy can be just as affective, and in some cases, more affective, than in-person counseling. With virtual therapy, you are in the comfort of your own home. You can make your favorite tea or coffee and settle in. All in all, online counseling can make some people more at ease and comfortable, which then opens them up for exploration and change.

When online counseling meets marriage counseling, things can get a little tricky. It can be harder for a counselor to mediate between a couple when they are through Zoom, and some techniques in a marriage counseling session are harder to do online. However, we have made sure to equip all of our Hockomock counselors will the tools they need to adapt to a virtual platform.

Marriage counseling consists of 3 basic stages, which are flexible based on where your relationship is and where you want to go.

  • Identifying conflict areas
  • Learning how to deal with conflicts as they come up
  • Preparing for future

If that sounds a little broad, it’s because it is! Marriage counseling is not a one-size fits all. This is the general formula that our marriage therapists go by. Specifically, you and your partner might discuss:

  • Communication styles and ways to communicate with each other
  • How you experience and give love
  • Managing differences and expectations within the relationship
  • Learning how to adapt to the changing circumstances around you
  • Opening up communication about needs, thoughts, and emotions

Marriage is a beautiful union of love and commitment, but that doesn’t mean it is immune to life’s struggles. We all hit bumps in the roads with our relationship, it’s not a sign your relationship is doomed! If you are looking for a marriage counselor to help repair and strengthen your relationship, Thriveworks Franklin is here for you virtually. Your relationship doesn’t have to lose the spark and joy it had in the beginning. Together, we can build a solid future.

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