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How many professionals support your overall well-being? If you are like most people, you may see a general care physician for preventative care and when you feel ill. You may see a specialist as well—an Ob/Gyn, endocrinologist, cardiologist perhaps. Many people also work with a trainer or coach or nutritionist to keep their body strong and healthy. Not long ago, the list may have ended here, but more and more, people are also seeing a mental health professional for their overall well-being. Life coaches, counselors, and therapists are a vital part of many people’s health and wellness plan, and they are experiencing the benefits of caring for their mind and emotions as well as their body.

“Mental health can be just as important as physical health.”
—Physician and author, Michael Greger

The life coaches, therapists, and counselors at Thriveworks Concord agree. We have worked with many clients as they experienced the transforming power of mental health care. Our counselors have walked with many people as they prioritized their own healing, achieved new goals, and grew in their self-acceptance.

Support and Guidance for Life’s Difficulties

Everyone has challenges in their life. As soon as people think they have everything under control, life will throw a curveball. The highs and low, the twists and turns are normal, and no one can take away the pain of life. However, no one has to walk through the challenges alone either. Consider these situations. What difference would having a professional guide make?

  • You and your family moved a few months ago to be near family. You left friends and a good school, but you were coming home. At least, you were coming home. Your kids were leaving the only life they knew. They are good kids, but since they move, they have not been themselves. They used to love school and playing outside and riding their bikes. Now, it seems like they just want to watch TV. They are always fighting with each other. You have tried everything you know to make the transition smooth, but you are out of options.
  • You and your girlfriend have been together for a few years now. Everything is going well—really well, actually. You moved in together last year, and you still love each other. A few months ago, you met each other’s family, and that went as well as it could. Now, you are wondering if you are ready to another big step: marriage. Is now the right time? You are open to the potential but a little nervous too.
  • Yesterday, you were talking to your best friend on the phone, and today, you are talking with his family about funeral arrangements. How can life change so much and so quickly? You felt numb at first, but as the days pass, you are experiencing emotions you do not know how to handle. How can you live without your ally, your confidant?
  • You admit it… this habit of yours is not helpful. In fact, you have tried to stop, but every time you make progress, you cannot sustain it. You fall right back into the habit within a few weeks. Sure, you are spending too much money on this. Sure, if your company knew, you would be fired. But you just cannot cut ties with the habit either. Is this an addiction?
  • Your current job is going well for now. You complete your tasks well and on-time. Your boss and coworkers rely upon you. It pays the bills. This job is good enough for now, but will it be good enough in two years? Or five? Or ten? If you were to make a move, what would it be? How would you go about making that move?

How Might Mental Health Care Help?

When people seek out help from a therapist, counselor, or life coach, the care they receive should be holistic and personal. Just as a medical doctor will treat a patient with a broken bone differently than a patient with chest pain, so mental health care professionals offer their clients personalized care. Here is a little peak at what therapy, counseling, or life coaching might look like…

  1. Clients who want to achieve a personal or professional goal may work with a life coach who helps build their self-awareness. These clients may use this knowledge of their strengths/weaknesses, values/vision to set goals that help them carve out a path toward success as their coach guides them through obstacles and encourages them toward the finish line.
  2. When clients are fighting a compulsive behavior or an addiction, counselors may focus upon underlying psychological wounds that may have led to poor coping habits. These habits often escalate into addiction. Counselors can often help their clients focus upon healing, forming healthy attachments, seeking accountability, and learning healthy coping skills.
  3. If clients are fighting a mental illness, their therapist may help them find a diagnosis. Counseling may also emphasize healing and safety. Clients may learn how to manage their symptoms with coping skills or a prescription. Therapists often seek to build trust so that clients can go deep and treat deep wounds.

Appointments for Mental Health Care at Thriveworks Concord

If you are considering reaching out to meet with a therapist, counselor, or life coach, know that the mental health professionals at Thriveworks Concord are ready to meet with you. When you contact our office, you may have your first appointment the following day. We offer evening and weekend sessions. We also accept many different insurance plans. Let’s work together. Call today.

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