Premarital Counseling in Polaris, OH (Columbus)—Counselors and Therapists

Premarital Counseling in Columbus, OH (Polaris)—Counselors and Therapists

You could practically see the sparks in the air after the first date. One month passes and they’re meeting your parents over supper. A year later, and you’re well settled into the idea of a long-term relationship.

But the question remains: marriage?

Or maybe you already have the binder, detailing the venue, the colors, the guest list, and sneaky honeymoon ideas. Both of you are certain about this decision, but you just spent hours testing cake. Shouldn’t you prepare your relationship for marriage with similar dedication?

And what happens when those pre-marriage jitters set in? Maybe some doubts begin to infiltrate your mind and you’re desperate to work through them.

Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) Premarital Counseling can encompass all these situations and more. Marriage is committing to someone long-term, and that alone can bring an unforeseen whirlwind of emotions and questions. That’s okay, even normal!

At Thriveworks, convenient to Westerville, Worthington and most all of Columbus, all questions, doubts, and difficulties are welcomed. Premarital Counseling is broad, and we are excited to meet you wherever you’re at!

What Is Premarital Counseling?

The goal of Premarital Counseling will always be to work through a problem, nurture communication skills, and learn how to both identify potential conflicts and how to handle them.

A common misconception is that Premarital Counseling is only for people who are struggling with their relationship before marriage. Not true! Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) believes counseling is for both healing and growth. We all have areas that can be improved on, even people diving into marriage with smiles on their faces!

Plus, studies have been done that proved couples who go to premarital counseling have a 30% higher success rate at marriage. Marriage could never be summed up by numbers and statistics, but 30% is still a helpful edge when almost half of marriages end in divorce!

Hardships will be a part of every relationship. Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) Premarital Counseling is here to give you an extra edge so you can deal with the problems healthily and swiftly.

We know Premarital Counseling is broad and different for everyone depending on their situation and relationship, but there are some common similarities between counseling sessions.

For one, marriage and family therapists and Counselors at Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) always keep the focus of the counseling session on you and your relationship. There is no cut-and-paste way to strengthen every couple, so counseling should be uniquely designed for you.

Some common topics we might discuss include:

  • Common Interests and Activities
  • Role Expectations
  • Communication
  • Religion and/or Church
  • Marriage Expectations
  • Budget and Finance
  • Children and Parenting
  • Sexuality
  • The Need for Space
  • Feelings of non-commitment and identifying where they stem from
  • Current concerns you have about the relationship and how to overcome them
  • Should we go through with marriage?

Premarital Counseling will always focus on improving the livelihood of both members. Whatever decisions are decided in a counseling session, Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) is here for you every step of the way.

The excitement and stress all balled up together is normal when preparing for or thinking about marriage. And while they may feel world-stopping right now, talking to a professional can get all those jitters and doubts out into the world, where we can work through them and grow. You’ve put your heart and soul into this relationship, Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) is here to make sure it is as fulfilling and long lasting as you dream it to be!

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