PTSD Therapy in Columbus, Ohio – Counselors and Therapists

PTSD Therapy in Columbus, Ohio – Counselors and Therapists

You often see PTSD portrayed in shows revolving around the police force or military, leading to the misconception that this is the only group that can suffer from this condition. PTSD is a condition that anyone can experience who has witnessed or been exposed to some traumatic event. These events can include a violent personal assault, war/combat situation, rape, a terrorist act, natural disaster, or a serious accident.

If you are struggling with PTSD, you know that this can be a complicated condition to manage by yourself. This condition shouldn’t feel as isolating as it does. There are an estimated 3.5% of Americans who also suffer this condition. Unfortunately, some people don’t seek the help that they need for whatever reason. However, there are treatments available to you. You can find help at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio by calling (614) 356-8565.

Do I Have PTSD? Understanding the Symptoms

Several symptoms are associated with PTSD. Seeking professional help from a licensed counselor can help you understand the root cause of your PTSD and create a treatment plan that’s appropriate for your needs. These symptoms include:

  • Intrusive thoughts, including distressing dreams, repeated and involuntary memories, or flashbacks of the event. These flashbacks can potentially be so vivid that they feel as though they are reliving the traumatic event over and over again.
  • You avoid experiences that remind you of the event, including people, places, and objects, so that you don’t have to think about the traumatic event.
  • Negative thoughts and feelings that include distorted and ongoing beliefs about themselves or others become evident.
  • Reactive symptoms, such as being reckless, irritability, angry outbursts, or being self-destructive, begin to affect your life.
  • Overwhelming guilt or shame appears.
  • You experience difficulty sleeping.
  • You experience negative mood changes.

It’s essential to remember that you are worthy of receiving adequate care for your PTSD. If you believe that you are suffering from any of these symptoms or a combination of them, think about making an appointment at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris) by calling (614) 356-8565. This team can observe any concerning symptoms to create an effective plan for treating your condition.

How Can PTSD Therapy Help?

Through PTSD therapy, people can manage the many harmful symptoms of which people with PTSD suffer. The therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris) take a look at every individual to address their specific issues to create the best therapy approach for each case.

What Coping Mechanisms Can I Learn in PTSD Therapy?

As previously mentioned, PTSD therapy can vary for each case. Not one approach will work for everyone since each case and has its own level of severity and symptoms. The PTSD counselors can offer the strategies and tools that can help better manage PTSD, both inside of therapy and out. These are a few of the helpful coping mechanisms PTSD clients can learn:

  1. Understanding the Triggers: By identifying the things, places, or even people that trigger PTSD, it can be tempting to avoid the triggers. However, counselors can offer exposure therapy to desensitize the patient. This procedure is a slow process that requires a support system that can help. The goal is to allow the patient to live their everyday life better eventually.
  2. Learning Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness: Mindfulness therapies are very effective in treating PTSD and PTSD-related anxiety. This strategy can be particularly useful to people who self-blame or have avoidance issues.
  3. Engaging in More Positive Activities: Distraction can be incredibly useful in those who have PTSD. Finding a real hobby can distract from any reckless or self-destructive behavior that is impeding daily life.
  4. Encourage Focusing on Physical Well-Being: People with PTSD are more likely to suffer from health issues like high blood pressure and general pain. Reducing the risk and symptoms of these physical health issues through a healthy diet and exercise can be great for helping one feel better.
  5. Journaling: A counselor will encourage the patient to journal in a private diary that no one has to see. Getting these feelings out on paper can help release those negative thoughts and feelings that have otherwise been held in and ignored.

The counselor can help the patient learn that they are not alone in their struggle with PTSD. They help you identify methods that you can manage your PTSD symptoms and help you to focus on that. The counselor can help you in a variety of ways, so consider working with a counselor at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris) if you need help.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Columbus

Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris) can help by offering ways to cope with your PTSD and potentially overcome many of your struggles with it. We are here to help. Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris) offers evening and weekend appointments, as well as meetings during regular M-F business hours, allowing someone to get a date on a schedule that works for them. There’s no waiting list, and each person gets set up with a counselor right away. This process may sound expensive, but it’s more affordable than you think as our facility accepts most insurance plans.

The PTSD counselors at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris) have undergone extensive and intense training and are experienced in helping people. The best thing to do to heal the wounds caused by PTSD is to schedule an appointment with a counselor at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris), by calling (614) 356-8565.

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