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Change is new and exciting. It can also be terrifying and difficult. Changes within your relationships are no different. While change can bring about immense positive effects to both you and your loved ones, you may go through a painful growing period. Or maybe you’ve been in this change for a while and are just discovering some bumps and places that could use improvement.

Polyamory is the practice of loving multiple people. Although it varies widely, the core idea is the same- some people aren’t meant to have just one “soulmate”. Whether you find more fulfillment from multiple relationships, are negotiating new aspects of your primary relationship, are trying something new, or feel too stifled in monogamous relationships, Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) is here to walk with you and your partners through a polyamorous relationship and work through any bumps along the way.

What Is Polyamory Counseling and Therapy?

No relationships are without hardships. People in a polyamorous relationship might find themselves with the same problems as people in a monogamous relationship. Having multiple romantic relationships will of course also have additional, unique situations that can be worked out with a Thriveworks counselor or therapist at our convenient Polaris location near Westerville, Worthington, and most all of Central Ohio,

One of the unique and oftentimes fulfilling aspects of polyamory is how broad it can be. There are no pre-set rules, and partners are encouraged to work out their own terms. While this freedom is highlighted in polyamorous relationships, it also means communication is crucial. Without communication, many polyamorous relationships begin to fall apart.

The good news is communication is a skill that can be taught and practiced. Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) always offers a nonjudgmental place where questions are welcomed as we explore your unique communication skills and how it can work together with those of your partners.

Sometimes, even simply having an outside, unbiased source is fantastic for a relationship. When in a high-emotional state, a counselor can be the bridge between partners.

In addition to communication, Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) can help you and your partners with a variety of different difficulties. Seeing some or all of these in your relationships is not a bad thing! Relationships are hard work and require constant learning and growing. This can be an exciting process that our counselors are excited to share with you!

  • Boundary navigation – one of the key aspects of a successful polyamorous relationship is knowing what is accepted and what is not. How much will you share about other partners? What commitments will you make to each other? What is the future plan, will you move in together or remain separate? These are just a few of the questions a Thriveworks Westerville/Worthington counselor can help you navigate.
  • The potential for jealousy- nothing will completely wipe away our human desire to be loved. While polyamorous relationships can be great for fostering feelings of love, freedom, and care, they can also produce feelings of jealously in one or more partner. Again, this isn’t inherently a bad thing. If addressed quickly and efficiently, feelings of jealously won’t impair on the overall fulfillment and love of a polyamorous relationship.
  • Safer-sex practices- having multiple partners potentially opens up more doorways for unsafe sex. Being educated is the best way to protect yourself and your partners.
  • Feelings of inadequacy or neglect- This is natural in all relationships, and it can be magnified by a polyamorous relationship. Thriveworks Columbus/Polaris can help work through your doubts and insecurities and build relationships on trust and mutual love

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Whether you’ve had years of experience with polyamorous relationships or are still testing the waters, Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) is here to help you decide what the best path is for you. We always keep our counseling sessions focused on your unique situation, personality, and goals. Every person is different, and so will every relationship. You all deserve the same uniqueness and individualization in a counseling session.

The possibility for fulfilling love is more real now than ever. Your happy ending is out there, and with a little hard work and perseverance, Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) therapists can help you find it.

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