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Stress is crucial for human survival. The gut feeling of danger warned hunter-gatherer societies to build shelter, hunt food, and protect their families. We are quite literally hard-wired for danger.

The problem in current-day society is that the level of danger in which we face has dramatically changed.

Most of us hunt for food in well-lit grocery stores, seek shelter with a realtor in tow, and protect our families by working for a promotion.

But did all those high-stress instincts go away? Nope. The same cortisol and danger signals that would have kept you alive when a predator attacked is working when you drive to work, sit at your desk, or even watch tv. The stakes of survival have changed, but our bodies haven’t.

For some people, the danger system is even better at pointing out danger than others. It’s so good, it might pick up on danger when none exists.

Anxiety is just that- feeling like there’s danger when none exists. It is exhausting and frustrating. But you’re not alone. The anxiety therapists at Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) understand the uphill battle you are facing, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Anxiety is consuming and can feel hopeless at times. Afterall, how many times have you recognized your fears as irrational, but continue to fear them? Anxiety can play tricks on the mind that are difficult to unravel from truth.

Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) is here to show you that freedom from anxiety is possible. At the end of the day, you are stronger than any fear your brain makes you believe.

What Are Common Symptoms of Anxiety?

If you have anxiety, there is probably little as annoying as hearing “But stress is good for you.”

And, yes, at some level stress is good for you. It drives students to study and employees to produce high quality work.

But stress is different from anxiety. Anxiety is all-consuming. It causes us to freeze instead of move, or to work to the point of exhaustion. It can be a nightmare.

What are the differences from stress and anxiety? Thriveworks Columbus/Polaris has found these common symptoms in people who struggle with anxiety:

  • Racing heartbeat, or tightness of chest throughout the day.
  • Unusual sweating
  • Tense muscles (a lot of people with anxiety find certain areas constantly tight- like the upper back)
  • Feeling dizzy or in a constant mental fog
  • Racing thoughts
  • Insomnia (not able to fall sleep, waking up multiple times during the night, or waking up early and not being able to fall back asleep)
  • Constant state of dread (Feeling like something bad will happen or already happened)
  • Doubting yourself
  • Not doing things that you use to find pleasure in

Of course, there are many more symptoms than just this! They are as unique as the people who struggle with it. Some are anxious in specific scenarios like seeing a dog or eating in front of people. Others have recurring, distressing thoughts. The most common is a generalized form, where that feeling of danger is always lingering, needing only a whisper to pounce and overwhelm you.

Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) anxiety therapists want to stress that struggling with anxiety does not make you weak or dumb. It is a common battle to fight and is one that can be overcome. There are many tools that we can use to help bring control and peace back into your life and mind.

What Is Anxiety Counseling Like?

Every anxiety therapy session will be individualized and focused on you- the most important part of therapy! Thriveworks Columbus, OH near Westerville/Worthington understands each situation is unique and that you will have your own thoughts about the therapy process and goals for yourself and your future. That’s great! Thriveworks counselors, at our convenient Polaris office near Westerville, Worthington, and most all of Central Ohio, are here to walk with you and be your biggest supporter while offering tried-and-true techniques to help you get to where you want to be.

Researchers have found therapy to be the fastest and longest lasting way to overcome anxiety. Medication can help, and in some cases be necessary, but not everyone needs it. We can help you decide if medication is worth it and how best to supplement it.

Some techniques include:

  • Learning how to identify anxious thoughts
  • Think critically about those thoughts. Are they true? Why or why not?
  • Cognitive distortions are common flaws in human thinking that may exasperate or even cause anxiety. We can guide you through recognizing these thought patterns in yourself and how to stop them.
  • Coping methods- anxiety exists. It sucks, but it won’t go away after a night. Learning how to manage when bad anxiety does hit is crucial.
  • Talk about the core problem. Sometimes anxiety is a result of external factors that are hard to see. Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) therapists are trained to walk with you through your thoughts and life experiences, untangling what may be the root cause.
  • Exposing you to the thing that causes you anxiety. It doesn’t sound fun, but we’ll be with you the entire time. Facing your anxiety in a safe, controlled environment can be extremely useful in overcoming it.

These are just a few of the methods we might use. The important part is that you are progressing forward in the way you want to go. Our counselors are here to walk with you and provide the gentle nudging when we get stuck.

Anxiety is often a lonely battle. It can suck the joy out of life and provide roadblocks that seem impossible to overcome. But Thriveworks Columbus, OH (Polaris) is here to be the fuel needed to overcome your anxiety and live the life you deserve.

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