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Often times receiving the help you really need to assist you in achieving your optimal mental health involves more than talk therapy alone. Engaging in medication management services can often make the difference between simply existing in a state of suboptimal mental health and getting back to living the life you used to, one that was positive and fulfilled. Medication management services, of course, are definitely not the answer for everyone, but making the determination if medication could be beneficial for your particular situation could be exactly the right next step for you and your mental health.

It is a very common belief that medical professionals like Psychiatrists only help treat those with mental health issues on the sever end of the spectrum; however, these professionals excel at helping individuals with a variety of issues that are all too common; issues such as depression, anxiety, or adjustment disorders just to name a few. At Thriveworks Charlottesville, our Psychiatrists are incredibly well trained in helping to make the determination if medication would be a beneficial treatment in addition to your counseling relationship with a therapist.

If you’re currently seeing one of our Thriveworks Therapists or considering starting out in counseling, you’ll find it to be a significant benefit and convenience to be able to receive services to satisfy both your talk therapy treatment as well as your medication management all within the same outpatient office. In addition, your Psychiatrist will be able to work closely, hand in hand with your therapist to develop and execute the best possible treatment for you to accomplish your goals and improve your overall well being.

Working with a Psychiatrist is more accessible than you think!

While it’s impossible to escape from the financial aspect of receiving the healthcare you need, we work hard at Thriveworks Charlottesville Counseling to help you understand your benefits and out of pocket expenses, so that you can plan and appropriately participate in your treatment. Our dedicated team of support staff works tirelessly to make your experience with us first class and help you navigate the process of setting up your first therapy session as well as your first medication management session as smoothly as possible.

Making that first phone call to begin the process of getting the help you need is a daunting task to say the least. That’s why at Thriveworks Charlottesville Counseling, we make sure to answer your call and help you get connected with the counselor, therapist, Nurse Practitioner, or Psychiatrist that best fits your specific needs – right away. The best time to start is today!

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