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Jeff should be asleep, but instead he is binge watching Netflix. He is tired but awake. If this happened occasionally, it wouldn’t be too bad. But it’s become a regular event. So regular that it happens every night. Jeff is exhausted, but his body will not fall asleep for hours. On a good night, he gets three hours of sleep. On a bad night, Jeff does not fall asleep.

Can you relate to Jeff’s experience? Insomnia comes in many forms, so maybe you are like Jeff and cannot fall asleep. But maybe you can’t stay asleep. Or maybe you seemingly sleep well and through the night, but you wake up drained instead of rested.

Many people struggle with insomnia and have found the help they need through cognitive behavior therapy. This thorough treatment helps people overcome sleep difficulties with practical solutions, but it also goes deeper. Insomnia therapist often seek to uncover and treat the sleep disturbance’s cause.

Getting a better night’s sleep is not magic or a quick fix, but the professionals at Charlottesville, VA offer insomnia therapy that has helped many clients reclaim rest each night .

Insomnia Can Make Life Harder

Nighttime rest can lay the foundational for physical and emotional health. Our minds and bodies are restored through sleep. Rest can heal. Rest can energize. Rest can renew. People who live with insomnia often miss out on sleep’s benefits. Instead, problematic side effects can occur.

The side effects of insomnia may include…

  1. Lethargy.
  2. Inability to focus.
  3. Irritability.
  4. Weight gain.
  5. Low sex drive.
  6. Depression.

Are you experiencing any of these side effects? If you have difficulty sleeping, you may be one of many who suffer from insomnia. Anyone can struggle with disrupted sleep, and insomnia can have both external and internal causes.

External Factors — Major life changes may trigger sleep disturbances. People may be particularly vulnerable to insomnia during moves, family difficulties, and job changes.

Internal Factors — Some people are more predisposed to insomnia because of their family history. Certain physical problems or medications can trigger insomnia. Heartburn, restless leg syndrome, chronic pain, or menopause are physical difficulties that may also disturb sleep.

Insomnia’s Many Forms

Many people experience sleep disruptions are some point in their lifetime, and insomnia can look differently in each person.

Are you like Andrew? He has a hard time falling asleep. Andrew tries to go to bed at 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. every night, but he normally will not fall asleep for hours. Many nights, Andrew only sleeps a few hours. Some nights, he cannot fall asleep but is awake all night.

Are you like Stacy? She easily falls asleep, but wakes up in the night. Stacy may be awake for a few hours then fall asleep for another hour or so, or she may not fall back to sleep at all. Sometimes, Stacy wakes up at 1:00 a.m. and starts her day.

Charlottesville, VA’s Insomnia Therapists

Many have found relief from insomnia by changing their daily habits, but many need the help of a professional to know which changes can be effective. Insomnia therapy has guided many through the right changes that optimize sleeping conditions. Charlottesville, VA’s insomnia therapists are experienced and want to help.

Charlottesville, VA has appointments available for insomnia therapy. Our professional utilize cognitive behavior therapy, a holistic approach for treating insomnia. A better night’s sleep may take work, but Charlottesville, VA’s therapists support their clients with thorough treatment. They explore insomnia’s underlying causes and offer helpful solutions.

No two clients face the same sleep deprivation problems, and our therapists work individually with each client to find specific solutions. Our therapists often formulate a sleep plan with their clients—practical solutions that may increase their ability to sleep.

Customized sleep plans may involve …

  • Learning relaxation and meditation techniques. With the help of a trained professional, people may learn to guide their minds toward calming, relaxing, peaceful thoughts. These techniques take time and practice to learn, but they have helped many people relax their bodies and mind as they fall asleep or if they wake in the night.
  • Limiting alcohol and caffeine intake. People experiencing drowsiness often look to caffeine to help keep them alert, but caffeine can then make the sleep deprivation worse. This cycle means more drowsiness, then more caffeine, then less sleep. Similarly, alcohol may lead to sleep disruptions. With professional guidance, informed choices about caffeine and alcohol intake may help many people sleep more soundly.
  • Curbing daytime sleep. Taking catnaps may feel like a necessary part of the day if you have insomnia, but this daytime sleep may inhibit nighttime sleep. Similarly, lying in bed awake—even at night—may exacerbate sleep difficulties. However, over time, curbing daytime sleep or moving out of the bed during sleepless nights has helped many people sleep more soundly. Our professionals can help their clients examine sleeping patterns to optimize their ability to sleep.

Many clients have seen improved sleep after participating in insomnia therapy at Charlottesville, VA. Sleep plans often lead to better sleep. But our professionals also realize that going deeper may be necessary to solve sleep problems. They are experienced at identifying insomnia’s underlying causes.

Insomnia Therapy Is Available

Our insomnia therapists have helped many clients work toward healthy sleep patterns. Call for an appointment. We have appointments available, even on nights and weekends. Our office does not keep a waitlist, and at times, we are able to see clients within 24 hours. We also work with many insurance companies.

Dealing with insomnia is hard. Scheduling an appointment with an insomnia therapist should not be. Call us today at (434) 812-4009.

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