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Social Anxiety Group Therapy in Charlottesville, VA

Social anxiety is an “invisible wound” that challenges millions of successful people all over the world. The long term “trauma” of constantly questioning one’s self in social situations, ruminating after most interactions and in generally believing that there is no way to fit in can be devastating and create a general anxiety that is pervasive throughout all areas of life. It can leave its sufferers feeling alone and isolated even in the most supportive and loving environments. Sometimes Social anxiety is triggered by negative past events, however typically its onset is unclear. What is clear is that the joy of curiosity and engagement is marred by the impact of the constant focus on self and how others perceive you. At Thriveworks Charlottesville Counseling, we aim to help you identify the triggers as well as impacts and work with you in a social anxiety group setting to overcome!

Social anxiety can be successfully overcome with persistence and the right therapy. Individual therapy that utilizes mindfulness meditation and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to dispute the often-irrational fears that accompany various types of social interactions is a great start. Group therapy, however, if available, is an essential supplement that allows participants to realize that they are not alone, to practice taking bold actions and receive and give support to others in similar situations.

If you find yourself having difficulty entering and leaving situations, ruminating over interactions with people important to you, anxious over social media, public speaking, eye contact and many other forms of social contact then you may find support in both individual and group therapy with an experienced professional.

The majority of people challenged with social anxiety are attractive, successful, members of society that display no indication of any stress. This resiliency is remarkable and the suffering of the body from the ongoing and often “secret” stress eventually comes through leading to further avoidance of the opportunities in life for growth, satisfaction and most importantly – loving relationships. The cycle of negative self-talk and beliefs, avoidance and enhanced negative self-talk and beliefs can be broken with persistence and support. Anyone working with patients who suffer in silence, ruminate over social engagements of any type and exhaust themselves from the anticipatory anxiety of such would greatly enhance their therapy outcomes by referring these patients to a group. Anyone reading this who can relate to feeling like a swan- so graceful on the surface yet paddling away underneath when faced with social interactions, public speaking, social media anxiety and more would really benefit from finding a group of peers who relate.

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