Work with a Life Coach in Charleston, SC—Life Coaches and Counselors

Work with a Life Coach in Charleston, SC—Life Coaches and Counselors

Do you feel like you are not living the life you could be because of self-doubt, negative thoughts, or insecurities? Is there a career you want to pursue, but you don’t feel good enough or a fear of failure is holding you back? Do you wish you could see your strengths, feel your self-worth, and fully believe in yourself?

Like a baseball coach, who is there to help the players reach their full potential when they take the field, life coaches work with clients to find success in their careers and strategize how to accomplish their goals. They offer guidance and support with career changes, life-changing moves, and major decisions. Additionally, they help their clients find healthy ways to find a better work-life balance.

The life coaches at Thriveworks Charleston have years of experience working with people on the concerns that hold them back from growing in their personal and professional lives. These skilled, caring professionals have helped many people just like you reach their fullest potential and achieve their wildest dreams. If this sounds like something you want in on, reach out to Thriveworks Charleston at (843) 480-4034.

Should I Work with a Life Coach?

Suppose tonight, while you were asleep, a miracle occurred. When you wake up tomorrow, what are some things that would tell you your life had suddenly gotten better? In life coaching, instead of focusing on how insoluble a problem is and how difficult life is because of it, the question or “Miracle Question,” switches attention to what will happen after the problem is dealt with. It focuses on the future the client wants instead of the undesired present.

Many people are not able to find the answers or solutions they’re looking for. The life coaches at Thriveworks Charleston work with their clients to identify how they can get closer to their goals, whether it is a career change, steps to take in an unhappy relationship, or how to go on after a loved one passes away. Life coaches work with clients to move them from a feeling of inertia or insecurity about making changes to seeing a clearer picture of what they want and how to go about making changes.

There are many areas to explore, such as friends and family, romance and intimacy, career, personal growth, and more. In life coaching, people are asked to measure how satisfied or dissatisfied they are in each area from a negative 10 to a positive 10, with zero as the neutral answer. This task helps them to identify the areas they want to work on.

What Benefits Are Found in Life Coaching?

At Thriveworks Charleston, the life coaches work with you, enabling you to make decisions that will improve your life. The reasons people see life coaches range from climbing the career ladder faster and feeling more fulfilled at work to improving relationships with a partner and learning parenting skills that benefit the child as well as the parent.

A life coach can work with you and prove beneficial if you are experiencing any of the following situations.

  • Life-changing decisions: Making a decision, such as changing a career path or following a dream that may take you across the country, can be overwhelming. When you think about chasing the dream, you may feel unsure. But, if you stay where you are, you’ll never know what would have happened or what you might have achieved. Then again, you can just keep doing what you have been doing, because it is comfortable and life isn’t that bad. Your life coach will work with you to find out what is important to you and help you to set goals to get closer to what you really want.
  • Happiness and contentment: The best time to have a life coach is when you are happy and content with where you are in your life and career. It makes sense—happiness motivates you. When you are happy, you are more willing to grow, ponder what else the world has in store for you and be more apt to work on getting your desires.
  • Major life transitions: When you have gone through a divorce or are leaving a partner, you may not feel positive about the future. But, there is a whole new beginning waiting for you, and this time you can identify the things that are important to you in the next relationship. As you start over, your Thriveworks Charleston life coach will work with you to explore what you want and how you can achieve it.

Schedule an Appointment with a Life Coach at Thriveworks Charleston

Since there is not a governing body that oversees life coaches, anybody can claim to be one. Before you begin this all-important search and entrust your personal and professional information to a life coach, it is important to “do your homework.” Find a life coach who has the criteria of an appropriate education and professional experience.

Thriveworks life coaches have credentials and professional licenses. Call Thriveworks Charleston at (843) 480-4034 today to schedule a session with a life coach or find out more about life coaching and how it can help you lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.


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