Therapy for Insomnia in Charleston, SC—Therapists and Counselors for Sleep Disturbances

Therapy for Insomnia in Charleston, SC—Therapists and Counselors for Sleep Disturbances

Watching the clock go from midnight to one in the morning to two in the morning to three in the morning. You just want to be asleep. Instead, you’ve been up some, most, or even all of the night. Sound familiar? People who suffer from insomnia know that with each waking hour, their chance of a restorative night’s sleep diminishes. Many people suffer from insomnia, but contending with a sleep disturbance can feel lonely and overwhelming. If you are experiencing insomnia or if you wake drained instead of restored, seeking professional help may restore the sleep you need.

Many who suffer from sleep disturbances have benefitted from a holistic, two-step approach to therapy that gives both practical sleep solutions and addresses any possible causes of the insomnia. The therapists at Thriveworks Charleston insomnia counseling take a holistic approach, working to turn their clients’ dreamless nights into the restorative sleep they need. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, reach out to Thriveworks Charleston to schedule an insomnia therapy appointment.

Causes of Insomnia

Each person who suffers from sleep deprivation is unique. Some people have difficulty falling asleep. Some people have difficulty staying asleep. Some people seemingly sleep, but they wake exhausted and drained instead of refreshed and rested.

Insomnia can be triggered by a variety of life circumstances, or it can occur independently. Sometimes stress from big life events can cause sleep disturbances. Have you experienced a big life transition recently? Changes in job, family, finances, and living situation can cause stress that manifests as insomnia. Unfortunately, insomnia can also be a secondary effect of other health problems. Sleep disturbances often accompany depression, menopause, hyperthyroidism, and many other health problems.

Insomnia can also develop on its own, without warning or accompanying health problems. Regardless of its cause, people who suffer from insomnia know the difficult effects it can have on their daily life. Can you relate to John’s experience?

The Side Effects of Insomnia

John works a night shift. Working a different schedule from his family has been difficult, but he has always been able to get enough sleep… until recently. Within the past few months, John has had difficulty sleeping. At first he was not too concerned, but after three months of sleep deprivation, he has noticed that everyday tasks have become harder. John has had difficulty focusing while driving home from work. Last week, he almost fell asleep at the wheel. For his safety and health, John is ready to seek help.

John is not alone in experiencing the difficulties insomnia brings to daily life. Common side effects of insomnia include:

  • Increased risk for common health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.
  • Irritability and strained relationships. Insomnia may also decrease sex drive.
  • Inability to focus and impaired judgment that may lead to low job performance.

Have you experienced any of these side effects with your sleep deprivation? Many people have found help and relief through insomnia therapy. Regardless of the symptoms, or side effects, you have experienced with insomnia, the therapists at Charleston, SC are ready to help.

How Does Insomnia Therapy Work at Charleston, SC?

Our professionals take a thorough, two-step approach to therapy. First, we know that you need to sleep—and soon. Our therapists help their clients find practical sleep solutions. Second, we also know that insomnia can have various causes. Our therapists help their clients examine anything that could be underlying the insomnia, equipping them with the tools they need for long-term sleep success.

Our therapists help their clients develop a sleep plan—practical solutions for their sleep deprivation. Together, the therapist and client think through ways to optimize sleep. A sleep plan may include…

  • Relaxation techniques and training: With practice and observation, people can learn what their body and mind need to fall asleep. Over time, people can direct their mind toward thoughts that relax them and aid the sleep process.
  • Sleep hygiene: Simple changes may make a big difference when it comes to getting more sleep. Our counselors understand good sleep hygiene and can direct their clients toward adjusting their sleep routine to incorporate it. Improving sleep hygiene may include looking at caffeine or alcohol intake and exercise habits.
  • Sleep environment: Lighting, temperature, and sound all affect how people sleep. Many people have found that working with a counselor to find the optimal sleep environment brings relief to their insomnia.

Finding Long-term Sleep Success at Thriveworks Charleston

Are there underlying beliefs or habits or causes of the insomnia? Our therapists have the training and experience to determine if any deeper issues may be contributing to the sleep disturbances. Some people fall into the false belief that they will never have regular sleep again. This belief then raises stress and anxiety about not sleeping and leads to less sleep. Our therapists have helped their clients identify and address any beliefs that may be contributing to the insomnia.

For others, the insomnia is a result of stress from a major life change. Developing coping strategies for the stress addresses this foundational cause and equips people with healthy alternatives to managing stress, should it arise again. Similarly, if insomnia accompanies PTSD or an anxiety disorder, our therapists have helped their clients receive the treatment they need for the insomnia and the accompanying disorder.

Thriveworks Charleston, SC insomnia therapists care about their clients. We know that battling insomnia can feel lonely, but we have fought that battle with many clients. Charleston, SC is here to help. We accept most insurance providers and have appointments available that work for busy schedules. Call today for an appointment.

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