Anger Management Therapy in Charleston, SC—Therapy for Anger Management

Anger Management Therapy in Charleston, SC—Therapy for Anger Management

People who get angry may simmer for a while or go right to the point of boiling over. Different people experience anger in a variety of ways, but letting anger get out of control can put their health at risk. In fact, a Harvard School of Public Medical Health study in 2014 linked extreme emotional responses, such as anger, to cardiovascular incidents. For a few hours after an angry eruption, the risk of a stroke tripled and the risk of a heart attack increased by five times. The study reported that though the danger of experiencing a sudden cardiovascular episode after one outburst was rare, the risk grows if an individual has frequent, uncontrollable rage.

While it is normal to have feelings of anger at times, it is important that people recognize what the emotion is and learn how to manage it properly. The counselors at Thriveworks in Charleston, SC have helped many people through anger management therapy. Anger management therapists at Thriveworks Charleston will work with you to explore feelings of intense anger, examine its causes and triggers and create a plan to respond to these triggers in a healthy way. If you think you could benefit from anger management therapy, reach out today.

Do I Have Anger Issues?

If you have ever experienced the following, you might have anger issues that you can improve upon:

  • Lack of patience.
  • Criticizing, belittling and putting others down.
  • Name calling.
  • Blaming everybody and everything else on the situation.
  • Short temper and irritability.
  • Withdraw when angry.
  • People avoid you.
  • Your spouse, children and other members of the family are afraid to approach you or talk to you.
  • People feel like they are walking on eggshells around you.

5 Tips for Better Managing Your Anger

Try practicing the following when your anger starts to get the best of you. In fact, some of these tips are useful to avoid the situations before they even happen!

  1. Choose the situation. Avoid situations that can cause unwanted emotions. When you realize you get angry when you are in a hurry, try to take care of things beforehand instead of waiting until the last minute. Figure out a way to leave your house or office a little earlier so you won’t be delayed when you have an appointment.
  2. Try to modify a situation. You always strive to make the best dinners for your family, and something always seems to go wrong because you want them to be perfect. Try to modify the situation by collecting recipes that are within your cooking talents and are not too involved, especially if you just got home from work or have had a busy day.
  3. Shift the focus of your attention. You feel that you don’t look great compared to others, or everybody else at the gym seems to be able to lift more weights than you. You can’t help yourself from wondering how they can be accomplished, and you may get a little envious. Shift the focus from them, and focus on what you are doing. (You may gain some strength by lifting as many or more weights than the people you had envied.)
  4. Change your thoughts. In cognitive reappraisal, you replace the thoughts that lead to unhappiness with thoughts that lead to happiness and contentment. By thinking of your favorite place in the world, admiring artwork or thinking about your next vacation, you can change your thoughts.
  5. Change your response. Your heart might be beating out of your chest; you are feeling anxious; and you are becoming angry. Take deep breaths, close your eyes and calm yourself down.

Don’t wait any longer to begin anger management therapy at Thriveworks in Charleston, SC. Therapists will work with you to help you recognize the causes of your anger, teach you how to respond to its triggers in positive ways and provide the most effective anger management treatment plan.

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