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Most of us lead busy, hectic lives that leave us wishing for more time for ourselves. When it comes to receiving therapy, virtual options can make this process more convenient. One of the main benefits of choosing online therapy is the flexibility that it can provide. For those who are working from home, frequently traveling, or even just watching the kids, online therapy can make it  easier to prioritize your own needs. You can simply sit down, start a session, and connect with one of Thriveworks’ online therapists.

Life has its fair share of hurdles; online therapy helps to remove some of them. Say goodbye to being late to appointments, or letting car issues or the weather keep you from getting the treatment you deserve. Experience therapy your way. 

When you book online with Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX, you’ll be able to get customized care when you need it. You’ll gain access to the expertise and work with trusted mental health professionals, like thousands of other people across the U.S. With over 240 locations nationwide, Thriveworks is a leading mental health service for those who value convenience and top-quality care. 

Is Online Therapy Right For You? 

Think of online therapists as a more fluid approach to a traditional in-person appointment setting. Online therapy provides freedom to work around your schedule; we think that’s one of the reasons why online therapy has become so popular and successful. Thriveworks ensures that each online therapy session is HIPAA compliant, private, and secure. We’re focused on protecting your information and prioritizing your client-counselor relationship to the fullest. 

At Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX, online therapy enables you to:  

  • Connect with your counselor anywhere (as long as you have reliable Internet and a private space to talk), with evening and weekend scheduling options
  •  Remove some of the anxiety that certain people feel when in face-to-face sessions
  • Have an open dialogue with your therapist about whatever is troubling you just like you would in person
  • Receive therapy in comfort, knowing that your personal information is protected: your online session will meet the highest HIPAA standards and APA guidelines

Our scheduling team can help you find an appointment on a day and at a time that suits you; they can also assist you in finding a therapist that meets your specific needs. Give us a call to get started today. 

Real Solutions to Real Problems 

Online therapy provides the same level of care and attention from your therapist as an in-person session. Although you’ll be interacting online, your voice will be heard, and your issues will be addressed by a qualified mental health professional. Just like an in-person appointment, online therapists can still help you process and cope with: 

  •     Anger issues
  •     Marital problems
  •     Anxiety and stress 
  •     Family disagreements
  •     Divorce and breakups
  •     Major and minor depression
  •     Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) 

And for couples or those seeking family counseling, everyone can meet up regardless of their location. The simplicity of online therapy is just another one of the tools Thriveworks uses to put our clients and their personal progress first. We understand that choosing therapy may be intimidating, or even frustrating. The added benefit of online therapy is that it can ease some of these feelings, especially when you’re attending your session from the comfort of your home or office. 

Scheduling an Online Therapy Session in Carrollton, TX

There’s a reason that our client satisfaction rates are so high: 97% percent of our clients report that their sessions start at the scheduled time, or even before. This is a level of consistency virtually unheard of in the mental health profession. We value your time, and that’s why we offer you the ability to schedule your appointments by phone with a real human being. Thriveworks also provides a user-friendly client portal for clients, too. 

It ultimately doesn’t matter what you’re going through— if online therapy sounds appealing, you can use it to move forward in life and find relief from your day-to-day challenges. Taking the time to consider seeking therapy in any form can seem frivolous or unnecessary, but it’s not. If your mental health is suffering or at risk, it should be taken seriously—just as seriously as your physical wellbeing. Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX has the resources to help. 

Ultimately the decision to book in-person or virtually is up to you. There’s no reason to feel like you’re limited to either one, and you might find uses and benefits to both options. Our online therapists are here to help you. Take the time to consider whether online therapy is the right choice for your lifestyle. It could be the answer you’ve been searching for. 

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