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The field of psychiatry isn’t always understood as clearly as psychology. Most folks assume they’re two names for the same field—however, they’re not. So what’s the difference between the two? And as a client, how do you know which mental health professional you’ll need?

For starters, psychiatrists are medical doctors. This means that they’ve gone through medical school and are trained mental health professionals. Psychiatrists may use a combination of session therapy with prescription medication to help clients find their balance. This means that they’re able to use their skills to: 

  • Work with you to understand and diagnose any issues or stressors that they identify 
  • Find a combination of therapy, and possibly medication, to improve their client’s quality of life
  • Create unique approaches to complex issues
  • Improve quality of life and confidence for clients

Psychologists, on the other hand, don’t have the ability to prescribe medication. Instead, they focus more on a client-counselor relationship and use different therapeutic approaches to identify issues and themes with a client. 

Our psychologists and psychiatrists in Carrollton, TX are trained experts with the insight and experience to meet your needs. They’ll establish a connection based on trust and professionalism. It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting virtually, or in person; you’ll receive the same level of care that clients across the U.S. have come to expect from Thriveworks. 

On top of our commitment to quality care, one of the most exciting things about psychiatry through Thriveworks is that we offer a modern, flexible way to connect with your provider through online psychiatry. 

Understanding Online Psychiatry: Modern Psychiatric Care

Telepsychiatry is a great option for those who value convenience without compromising on quality. Through Thriveworks, you can connect with your provider without leaving your home or office. Meaning you can still get the trusted guidance and support from your psychiatrist and get the medication you need comfortably. Telepsychiatry is safe, meaning that we still uphold APA guidelines and HIPAA regulations. Your conversation with your psychiatrist will be private, confidential, and productive.

Many of our clients opt to use telepsychiatry for reasons such as: 

  • Living a long distance from their provider’s office
  • A lack of psychiatrists in their area
  • Busy schedule 
  • Having limited availability after an elder family member or children 
  • Issues with mobility or other chronic health conditions

While online psychiatry isn’t something everyone will use, it’s become one of our most popular options for our clients at Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX to use. Online psychiatry is a simple, effective, and safe way for you to get the mental health services you need.  

Is Online Psychiatric Care for Everyone?

It depends on the individual and the mental health condition or issues that they’re experiencing. Every client at Thriveworks is unique, so not everyone will utilize online psychiatric care; others still prefer to meet in person. Some clients find the same benefits and notice similar progress from connecting with a psychologist instead. But it’s important to remember that psychiatry doesn’t always mean that medication is required. Psychiatrists mainly differ from psychologists in that they can prescribe medications as required; it doesn’t mean they’ll always need to, or do so. Psychiatrists can still conduct therapy sessions that tackle their client’s issues with them.

Some of the medications that psychiatrists use include mood stabilizers, antidepressants, or prescriptions like cognitive performance enhancers. These medications aren’t intended to fix a client’s problems on their own, but they can give some individuals the extra help they need to enjoy a better quality of life. Psychiatrists use these medications as needed, balancing them with dynamic therapy sessions that aim to help clients feel empowered and prepared—not limited. 

Psychiatrists specialize in many different areas of mental health, especially disorders such as: 

  •     Anxiety 
  •     Anger Issues
  •     Addiction
  •     OCD 
  •     Depression 
  •     ADHD 
  •     Bipolar Disorder
  •     Borderline Personality Disorder

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these issues, our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners are here to help; not to judge. Find relief and peace of mind by booking with a psychiatrist in Carrollton, TX. An online psychiatrist can help you find medication to assist. Even if the issues you’re facing aren’t listed, our support team will do what they can to ensure you make the right connection with the right therapist.  

If you aren’t certain that you need psychiatric care, our client specialists can still help. They’ll put you in touch with the right therapist, and assist you in creating a counseling plan and schedule that works best for you. 

How to Begin Online Psychiatric Care in Carrollton, TX

It’s normal to feel intimidated by seeking mental health services. We also understand that beginning a new medication or therapy program can feel uncertain, or even be frightening. But there’s nothing to worry about at Thriveworks. From the minute you contact our client specialists, you’ll be guided through the steps you need to take to find support. We help you add your insurance and even work with Medicare in certain locations. 

If you opt to use our online psychiatric services, you’ll be able to schedule a session with your psychiatrist whenever it’s convenient for you. We’ve even added extra benefits for those who enroll, including: 

  •     Flexible online therapy options (such as video chats and phone calls)
  •     Access to our exclusive video and e-book content 
  •     Some evening and weekend scheduling availability
  •     Same and next-day appointments
  •     No waitlists

In summary, those who are experiencing symptoms of a mood disorder or behavioral disorder like ADHD will most likely benefit from connecting with a psychiatrist. Conversely, psychologists might be better for those facing issues that benefit more from talk therapy, such as coping with a traumatic event or experiencing relationship difficulties. 

Our team in Carrollton, TX can help with your mental health issues, even if you’re not sure what’s wrong. They’re here to listen and to provide help, all while setting you on the right path. It’s best to seek assistance from a trained expert, even when it’s difficult to understand what’s wrong. Our psychiatrists and psychologists are dedicated to helping you find the way forward. Don’t hesitate—you’re just a phone call away from thriving. 

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