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Relationships are one of the most rewarding avenues to walk down in our lives. They provide us with a rich source of companionship. They also offer us intimacy and support on levels that we can’t often find anywhere else. Unfortunately, our relationships can also be the source of turmoil, regret, and closed-off communication channels—but couples therapy and marriage counseling can help. 

When you partner with a mental health professional at Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX, you’re providing your relationship with the fighting chance it needs to adapt to life’s changes. Independence is something you might value in your relationship. 

That might mean that therapy seems like you’re giving up. At Thriveworks Carrollton, TX, we don’t think that’s the case. Couples counseling is a way to preserve the integrity of a relationship—something that allows both of you to feel independent in the first place. 

What Is Couples Therapy? 

At Thriveworks, we’ve cultivated an experienced and dedicated team of professionals who can offer couples therapy and marriage counseling to guide you towards a better tomorrow.  Relationship therapy can help you and your partner to: 

  • Develop boundaries for healthy communication 
  • Understand how your actions and words might affect the other person 
  • Regain confidence and physical intimacy 
  • Identify ways to solve problems that you’re both facing—as a team

When it comes to the numbers, statistics don’t lie. Research has shown that 70% of couples who completed relationship counseling found that they enjoyed significant improvements to their relationships. 

Do I Need Relationship Counseling?

While counseling can’t guarantee that any relationship will last permanently, seeking couples therapy with Thriveworks is a great way to give you and your partner the chance to see and hear each other clearly. 

Some indications that couple’s therapy could be beneficial include:

  •     Constantly arguing 
  •     Feeling out of touch with each other’s personal lives 
  •     Feeling as though you can’t communicate with each other 
  •     Unable to agree on next steps like retirement or moving 
  •     Unable to trust each other, or an unwillingness on one partner’s side to seek therapy 
  •     Experiencing sexual dysfunction, including a lack of interest 
  •     Coping with the pain of infidelity
  •     Independently dealing with symptoms of depression or anxiety 

If you are finding that these symptoms describe some of the problems you’re facing at home, turning to the mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX for relationship therapy could help. Our therapists never aim to divide you both but to offer new ways to communicate and expand your trust and appreciation for each other. 

How to Find “Couples Counseling Near Me”

It might be that only one of you is interested in beginning to share your difficulties with a therapist. Maybe neither of you is entirely certain. But there’s nothing to fear; our counselors are prepared to listen to your individual concerns and fears about beginning therapy sessions. 

We also understand that you both lead busy lives. That’s why we offer online therapy, where couples can find the flexibility and support they need on a schedule that works best for them. 

And just like your schedule, your relationship’s treatment plan is designed specifically for you.  

Relationships are intimate and intense. It’s no wonder that we sometimes hurt the ones we love the most.

Schedule Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling in Carrollton, TX

Just because you and your partner have hit a fork in the road doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Taking the proactive step to seek counseling together, in-person or online, will only serve to strengthen the bond that both of you share. 

Couples therapy and marriage counseling at Thriveworks Carrollton, TX offers unique benefits that other providers might struggle to offer you, including: 

  • Personalized mental health care for your unique needs
  • Meet with your therapist quickly and easily via video — or, meet with them in person
  • Get affordable mental health care covered by insurance
  • Experience therapy that works — get evidence-based therapy from expert relationship counselors

When you’re ready, give Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX a call—or book your session online to get started. 

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