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The Roberts family considers themselves to be pretty normal: three kids, great jobs, and a golden retriever to boot. Even though they all love each other, there are family issues and events that they all feel unable to communicate about. This unresolved tension has left several family members unwilling to speak with one another, and some of the kids have started to act out at school as a result. Conversations that start out with good intentions become hostile, passive-aggressive, or impossible to navigate.

Families can be one of life’s most potent sources of love, frustration, and lifelong connections. As much as we love our family members, these relationships have the potential to cause a lot of turmoil and distress, especially when dynamics begin to sour. It’s also hard to know when professional assistance is necessary, and seeking help might seem as though you’re all giving up. However, family therapy is a great choice to turn to when family relationships begin to erode. Our licensed therapists in Carrollton, TX have the skills and ability to help you strengthen the bond that holds you all together.  

Here are common challenges that family members experience:

  •     Ongoing frustration or resentment towards one another 
  •     Unrelenting stress due to financial or marital problems 
  •     Child or teen behavioral issues with unknown origins: kids may act out at school or at home to express anger or fear in different ways 
  •     Tension during extended periods of time spent together such as holidays or vacations 
  •     Family members who haven’t spoken to each other and are unwilling to reconnect due to differing viewpoints or unreconciled events 

Sound familiar? These are just some of the issues that might make family counseling a viable option to improve the lives of yourself and your loved ones. Family or marriage counseling doesn’t mean that you and your relatives can’t “make it happen” by yourselves; it means that you’re going to be equipped with the tools you’re missing to make healthy changes. Get started today with Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX.

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The choice to start family therapy can be hard to make, and not everyone may agree that it’s necessary. However, when you decide to move forward with taking steps to heal the relationships between you and your relatives, Thriveworks can help. You can get the support your family needs by contacting our client specialists, who will assist you in signing up for therapy and adding your insurance to help cover the costs. 

You and your relatives can even attend therapy sessions virtually, allowing for family members who are spread out across the U.S. to make time for progress and healing through Thriveworks counseling. Some of the issues that our trained family counselors can assist with include: 

  •     Deaths within the family that have occurred without time to process the event 
  •     Residual anger or resentment between relatives over perceived wrongs or shortcomings
  •     Communication skills that aren’t fully developed, resulting in constant arguments and bickering
  •     Addiction to drugs or alcohol 
  •     Untreated or potentially undiagnosed mental illness or disorders that family members are suffering from, like ADHD or depression 
  •     Stress from caring for a disabled or elderly member 

Even though it may seem like seeking family counseling means giving up, you’ll be doing the opposite. Family counseling is a proactive way to ensure that you and your family make the most out of your lives and connections to one another. It’s not something that any of you have to do alone. When you and your relatives decide to form a connection with one of our mental health professionals and work together with them, you may find the extra boost you need to re-establish the bonds of family and love.

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All families are going to experience good times as well as hardships. We don’t believe that anyone is perfect, and navigating life’s ups and downs takes a lot of dedication and determination. That process doesn’t need to be made harder by feeling afraid to seek the benefits of counseling. Even if you’re not sure if you or your family can improve existing relationships through counseling, it’s a good idea to give family counseling a shot. Thriveworks in Carrollton, TX has mental health professionals standing by, ready to provide their insight and guidance during trying times. 

Our client specialists are available 7 days a week, and with convenient scheduling options  that include weekends and evenings, you can re-discover the love that feels lost at home. Most of our new clients can meet with their provider within  24-48 hrs of their initial call. So why wait? Start heading down the road to a better life together. Break down the walls preventing communication and respect in your household. Come together by choosing family counseling with Thriveworks.

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