Adopting a dog can benefit your health in more ways than one: Exploring effects on heart disease, blood pressure, self-image and more

Adopting a dog can have positive effects on your health: it can reduce the risk of developing certain ailments and help with your self-image. First, dogs (and other pets) can have a positive influence on heart health; researchers say this is mostly due to the physical activity necessary to taking…

80% of kids/teens aren’t as physically active as they should be. (Video)

Most kids and teens aren’t getting enough physical activity.Read: Back to Basics, Child Therapy Researchers from the University of Jyvaskyla and LIKES Research Center for Physical Activity and Health analyzed activity levels in different age groups. They discovered that children and adolescents are becoming increasingly less active. The team says…

Parenting Teens: Fathers more likely to lead with anger, should practice patience instead (Video)

Fathers often lose control of their anger and use cruel measures of discipline on their teens. They can benefit from leading with patience and understanding, instead. A Rochester study observed that when conflict arose, fathers often lashed out in anger at their kids. They assumed their teen was being intentionally…

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