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Thank you for saving my marriage. We are happier now than we have ever been!”

Derrik and Suzanne have been living together for about a year. For the first few months, everything was awesome. The way Suzanne would leave the TV on and fall asleep on the couch was seen as cute. Derrik’s T-shirt lying crumpled on the floor became the perfect thing to throw on while cleaning.

But recently, their idiosyncrasies are starting to grate on each other. An article of clothing not in the hamper is now considered lazy. The late nights watching TV seems like impenetrable distance. Where did things go wrong? Their relationship used to be carefree. They used to look forward to spending a night in together, but now they’re rarely in the same room. Suzanne was about to start “just looking” on Craigslist at apartments, but came across an article in a local business magazine about a brand new counseling practice. Would counseling make a difference?

Don’t Postpone Your Happiness

Couples counseling can be helpful to each and every committed couple. Research shows that many couples will put off therapy or counseling for years before seeking help. However, there is no need to postpone your happiness.

Thriveworks Atlanta Couples Counseling is designed to strengthen your connection with each other. If you already have a good relationship, therapy provides you with the insights and skills to make it an outstanding one. If your relationship is struggling, therapy promotes understanding and solutions for repair and reconnection.

Here are some of the benefits of couples counseling:

  • Make thoughtful, informed choices with a scientifically-based evaluation of your relationship
  • Build on hidden strengths within your relationship
  • Experience feeling deeply understood by your partner
  • Develop ways to create a sacred bond that withstands external demands
  • Discover the far-reaching, empowering effects of a healthy relationship
  • Learn how you might reconnect deeply, even after an infidelity

Atlanta, GA Couples Counseling is for All Couples

During a lasting relationship, it is normal to face challenges and stressors, as well as many important decisions and growth points. Sometimes couples discover that their ability to communicate and relate deeply has become impaired. Couples counseling can be a way to open up lines of communication and move towards a meaningful understanding of deeper issues. This understanding can, in turn, facilitate new possibilities for resolving difficulties and can intensify the depth of your connection.

Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual or transgender, newly dating or in a committed domestic partnership, we aim to offer a safe and confidential setting in which to explore and grow.

We also work with people who are ending a marriage, partnership, or a long term relationship. Therapy and counseling can help people going through this painful process to overcome emotional difficulties and develop the confidence to rebuild their lives.

Here are some of the difficulties that can be solved in couples counseling. Do you recognize any of these?

  • Cheating/affairs/distrust
  • Jealousy/anger/resentment
  • Dependency/Co-dependency
  • Communication problems/frequent arguments
  • Overburdened schedules/disconnection

Couples counseling usually leads to feelings of warmth, connection, increased happiness and overall improved wellness. Sadly, leaving difficulties unresolved often results in worsening strain and decreased health in emotional, social, physical, vocational and financial health domains. Wellness means identifying and overcoming obstacles, not ignoring them and hoping they’ll just fix themselves.

The problem for most couples isn’t that they’ve experienced distress, but that they go without asking for help, Call today and we can help.”

Who Will I See at Thriveworks Sandy Springs Couples Counseling?

At Atlanta, GA Couples Counseling, we have a team of professional clinicians who care deeply about helping you and your partner. They will meet with the two of you together and help you think about your relationships in a way that honors your strengths and attends to your growth edges. We recognize that everyone is unique and our clinicians respond in an individualized way to each relationship.

What Should I Expect at My First Couples Counseling Session?

Each counseling session lasts 45 to 90 minutes. The initial session is an assessment session. If ongoing counseling is appropriate, there is an agreement to continue the work at a regular time that suits everyone.

We aim to provide a flexible service tailored to the specific needs of each couple.

No Waiting Lists

Be sure to book your first couples counseling appointment this week!”

Call us today at 404-719-4233 and we will do our best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Why would we do this? There are two reasons:

    1. Your time is valuable to us.

We understand how frustrating it can be to ask for help, only to be put on a waiting list that is weeks or months long.

    1. You’ve already worked up the motivation to begin couples counseling.

The least we can do is help you book that first therapy session as soon as possible.

Just by reading this article, you’ve made the first step in your journey towards a better future for you and your partner. Let us walk with you from this point forward. Let us help your relationship thrive. Call us today at 404-719-4233 and make your first appointment!

We want you and your partner to find the care and communication you both deserve. Let’s talk.

By, Laurie Fleckenstein, Ph.D. — Thriveworks Atlanta, GA Counseling Therapy

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