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Like he did before every big game, Coach Eric Taylor gathered his players together, looked them in the eye, and told them, “Listen to me. I said you need to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.” Coach Taylor was and remains one of TV’s most recognizable and inspirational coaches. Each week, he got the most from his players on Friday Night Light. On and off the field, these high schoolers achieved more than anyone (include themselves) expected. After one grueling battle, Coach Taylor made eye contact with each player on his team and let them know, “I am in awe in each and every one of you gentlemen.” Many people watching surely dream of their own personal coach who could inspire and encourage them the way Coach Taylor inspired his team. More and more people are making that dream a reality and utilizing life coaches.

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.” —Coach Pete Carroll

Life coaches, in many ways, are no different than other kinds of coaches. They encourage, push, challenge, inspire, and support. Regardless of the context, coaches help people learn about themselves—know their strengths and weaknesses. Then, people can make a game plan—capitalizing on their strengthens and fortifying their weaknesses. Whether the game plan is for a better marriage, a new career, or deeper relationships, people can often achieve more than they ever dreamed when they work with a life coach.

If you have a goal or a dream, it may be time to work with a life coach. Know that the life coaches at Thriveworks Asheville are also licensed mental health professionals, and we have coached many clients as they achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.

Working with a Life Coach

People from all walks of life have worked with a life coach, and while the possibilities for why someone would pursue coaching are infinite, two reasons are often cited. People frequently want life coaching as they…

  • …pursue a personal or professional goal. Goal setting is often a big aspect of life coaching. When people understand why, how, when, and where to set goals, they can often set themselves up for advancement—both personally and professionally. People can set a goal in any area of their lives…for a hobby, a relationship, a job change. Goals help people focus their attention upon what they truly care about in life, and they help people say, “no” to anything that distracts them from these values. Life coaches are often experts in guiding people toward challenging but realistic goals that keep them focused and moving forward.
  • …experience an unanticipated and/or especially challenging season of life. Words like divorce, cancer, lay-offs, bi-polar, and more can change life on a dime. One moment life is in control and smooth sailing. The next moment, the world is turned upside down. What should a job search look like after you’ve been laid off? How do you jump back into the dating scene as a single parent? What type of support will you need to survive this medical crisis? These are normal and important questions that many people ask as they enter into new and unforeseen circumstances. Life coaches can often help people find the right answers for them.

Self-Knowledge and Redefining Success

Success in each person’s life will be a unique experience. For some, success means building healthy relationships. For others, it means completing a health goal. For others, it means reaching for that next rung in their career ladder. Knowing what success looks like for you means knowing yourself well. That might sound easy, but it is often far more difficult. All too often, people see themselves for what they want to be, not who they are. Everyone does it, but a false self-perception is not helpful. Living in the truth of who we are—weaknesses and strengths—is a much more proactive and powerful stance. Self-knowledge allows people to redefine success so that it aligns with who they are and what they value.

Life coaches can often help people increase their self-awareness. One of the many tools coaches use is the “Miracle Question.” This question can come in many forms, but the basic idea is that clients can suspend reality and dream about what could be. The miracle question might ask…

  • Where would you live, work, and play if you could locate your life anywhere? What factors went into that decision?
  • What educational or school opportunities would you seek if time and money did not hold you back?
  • Where do you feel relaxed? What is your perfect vacation?

The honest answers may or may not turn into goals, but the answers in themselves are insights into who people are, what they value, and how they prioritize their life. Life coaches can often help people translate this information into important adjustments in people’s life style and choices.

Life Coaches at Thriveworks Asheville

If you are ready to meet with a life coach, consider calling Thriveworks Asheville. Our life coaches are also experienced and licensed mental health professionals. That means, we may be able to take your insurance to help cover the cost of your appointment. We also offer evening and weekend sessions. New clients regularly meet with their life coach within 24 hours of their first call.

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