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Finding the Right Solution for Social Isolation and Loneliness – Therapy in Andover

Being separated from close relationships, otherwise known as social isolation, can be a serious issue. It can cause suicidal thoughts, aches and pains, changes in sleep patterns or ability to sleep, and can be caused by underlying depression. Loneliness, which refers to feeling apart from the world, occurs both in people that experience social isolation and those who are involved in close relationships. It’s common for people to have both issues. The good news is that counseling can help.

Your counselor can help you dig deeper to find the real cause

Each client needs the personalized approach their counselor will take with them. Clients learn how to dig deep to discover what’s at the core of their issues. For example, a person may feel socially isolated because they’re far away from the people they love or they may be shy and afraid to make close relationships. Some people are isolated because they simply can’t go out and be among people.

On the same token, people can be lonely for many reasons. Depression is a common cause. Fear of intimacy is another common explanation. For others, it comes as a result of childhood trauma that the client may not even realize still affects them.

There is no single way to treat all loneliness or social isolation

Each client needs different treatment for their issues. For some, it’s as easy as getting out in the world and finding ways to meet new people. For others, this just isn’t an option. In that case, their coach will work closely with them to find what’s holding them back and to discover how it can be treated with success.

It all centers around working with the right counselor

The right counselor is someone that offers a personalized approach. There isn’t a checklist that a client can go down and be cured of their loneliness or social isolation. Counselors at Thriveworks Andover Counseling & Coaching find the unique ways that will help for specific situations. We take your needs seriously to find you the right path forward.

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