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Are you estranged from a loved one? Are you struggling with forgiveness? Would you like help with moving forward toward resolution in an important relationship? Thriveworks-Reading/Wyomissing can help. We have experienced counselors who are certified in specialized family therapy and reunification. We can help you reunite with a loved one.

What is Reunification Therapy?

Reunification therapy is using a professional to assist in reuniting with a family member. Many times, families are broken up and struggle with anger, blame, rejection, and distrust. Our counselors will sit down with your family and listen, assess, and assist your family in the process of reunification to work towards forgiveness and a relationship with healthy dynamics. Every family is different and has unique needs. We will work with your family to help you find new and healthy productive ways to communicate and listen to one another. Our counselors gently guide the new relationship. It can be an extremely emotional time for everyone. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

Sometimes reunification therapy is court ordered. We help everyone understand the expectations. Our role is work with the reunifying parent and child or children and report back to the court any obstacles that the family may be facing in repairing the relationship.

How Can Thriveworks-Reading/Wyomissing Reunification Therapy Help?

Thriveworks-Reading/Wyomissing counselors help facilitate the process of healthy communication, give opportunities to move forward past the anger, blame, rejection, and distrust and give tools to assist in the family in resolving conflict. Restoration is a returning to something how it was before. Reunification is more like mending and creating a new healthy relationship. Our purpose is to help you repair a damaged relationship and find healing. We can help every step of the way.

If you would like a relationship with a family member, it is possible! Call Thriveworks-Reading now. We can help you on this journey and help you have a more happy, productive and joy filled life with family!

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