Are You Ready to Stop Feeling Lonely? Fredericksburg, VA Counseling Can Help

It’s common for people to look at loneliness and / or social isolation as a minor inconvenience. They believe it’s something that they should just be able to get over on their own. The truth is that it can have serious consequences including depression, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts. The good news is that there are counselors available to help you deal with these overwhelming emotions.

There may be underlying causes you’ve never considered

In some cases there’s an underlying medical issue that’s causing your loneliness. The most common example of this is depression – but it’s not the only one. Your counselor will begin by thoroughly examining your past and present to determine if you have an underlying condition.

You get a personalized approach

It’s tempting to just read blogs on the internet that explain how to get over loneliness. The problem with this type of advice is that it’s general – but you’re a unique person with your own unique needs. Counselors can provide individualized assistance. Some tools they may use to help you include:

  • Identifying inaccurate beliefs. There’s plenty of recent medical research to show that those who feel lonely often see the world differently. After a prolonged period of loneliness they start to believe that they’re being rejected by everyone around them and that they’re unwanted. A counselor can help you combat these beliefs.
  • Addressing specific issues. Some clients have a very specific reason they’re lonely. They may have just moved and be alone in their new city or country. They may have lost a spouse via death or divorce. They may have seen another significant life change. If that’s the situation you’re in then your counselor will help you combat these issues.

There are only two examples of the ways Thriveworks Fredericksburg, VA Counseling & Coaching can help you with your loneliness and social isolation. You can get help and we are here to offer it for you. Take the first step toward a fuller and more fulfilling life.

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