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Some families experience long-term and continual problems in the home. Unfortunately, they themselves are not usually able to resolve their issues internally. In fact, as they try to seek a resolution they can become an even bigger part of the system that actually maintains the problem.

Family therapy is a unique form of treatment. It’s one that lets the family therapist evaluate diverse problems at a systemic level. What this means is that they get to explore the framework surrounding the disharmony. For them, this is a better approach than targeting individuals who others think are the cause of the upsets. Quite often, other people can influence the way someone behaves, disruptive or otherwise. This is why family problems are never as cut and dried as the finger pointing suggests.

When it’s Time to Rejuvenate the Family

All families go through some ups and downs in life. There would be something wrong with them if they didn’t have a few conflicts and challenges along the way. But it’s when the problems persist and intensify with time that therapy might be the best option; the only option, for a resolve. There are other contributing factors that can add to disharmony in the home too, like:

  • Addictions
  • Autism
  • Codependency
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Abuse

The list is endless. The point is that the person or people causing the disharmony might need treating for some underlying condition. For example, telling someone with ADHD to sit still and watch the television is not necessarily going to work. First they will need to be diagnosed and then treated for the condition that’s making them disruptive.

A qualified family counselor can get to the root cause of the problem(s). They can then look at the bigger picture before proposing workable solutions. A trained family therapist is also someone who:

  • Sees the problem as the actual “problem,” not the individual or family presenting it
  • Has genuine empathy and understanding
  • Aligns themselves with every member of the family to give them a voice
  • Finds opportunities for workable compromise

Fredericksburg, VA family therapists have worked successfully in the state for years. They can often offer workable solutions to families with major problems. Call us today at 540-322-5424 and see if we can help you and your family find a resolve for your own conflicts.

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