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Many people throughout the year aspire to be healthier, exercise more, and make better choices when it comes to food. Sadly, the balance between “healthy” and “controlling” regarding dietary needs can be a tricky, slippery slope. Sometimes calorie counting turns into an obsessive behavior and exercise ends up becoming a 2-3 hour ritual instead of 30 minutes.

Having a healthy relationship with food is delicate, but not impossible. Food is not the enemy and there is a way to enjoy it in a healthy manner. Maybe you feel like food and exercise is one of the only controllable factors in your life. Maybe it makes you feel weak if you give in to eating a cookie at a company party and you feel the need to beat yourself  up about it hours afterwards. Maybe you think your strict relationship with food is perfectly natural. Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes and affect all sorts of individuals.

There are a variety of reasons that spark an individual to develop an eating disorder. Some of these include:  

  • Dissatisfaction with body image
  • Unattainable body standards from society
  • Negative and low self esteem
  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • Depression and other emotional disorders

At Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte, we can understand the challenges that can be faced with food, diet, body images, and many other matters in the realm of eating disorders. We know how difficult an eating disorder is on a person. We also understand the physical and emotional healing that can occur once balance is restored. We want to help and will be here through the entire road of recovery. Let us be the next step to a better, healthier you.

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