Counseling for Teens in Wilmington, NC–Teen Counselors and Therapists

Counseling for Teens in Wilmington, NC–Teen Counselors and Therapists

Adolescence is a time of many changes. Biologically, this is the time of puberty and “raging hormones.” Tremendous intellectual and cognitive growth happens but is sometimes squashed by the psychological torment of blazing a path toward independence while not being able to be fully independent. “Adolescence marks a time of great change physically, hormonal, and mentally in a person’s life which may be incredibly overwhelming for both the adolescent and their parents,” explains Nicole Rice, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at our Wilmington office. “This developmental shift includes changes in decision making and attitude which may lead to overwhelming anxiety and depression or marked increases in defiant and irrational behaviors.”

Teens are transitioning from operating predominately within the social structure of the family system to venturing out on their own to discover and develop their own social niche in the world. The stress of fitting in and being held as a member of a group of friends, first loves and lusts, and arguing with friends and enemies are all common occurrences and while some adolescents become withdrawn and quiet, others are highly engaged with friends and have a desire to be on the go almost all the time.

Seeking Help for Teens in Wilmington, NC

“Many teens would benefit from counseling but a few things to look for are irritable mood, abrupt changes in behavior, loss of interest in friends and activities, trouble sleeping, and anxious or worried thoughts. Teens can also struggle to express their emotions which can lead to what seems like irrational or aggressive outbursts,” Rice explains. Our counselors have the skills and experience to help you (or your teenager) work through these challenges. Counseling provides a safe, trusting environment in which the teenager can express their thoughts and feelings, learn new skills to manage their moods, and even communicate more effectively.

Teens can create new strategies to help them adjust to the new and stressful situations that come with becoming a young adult. If your teen is not talking to you about their feelings, it is a wise parental decision not to leave your adolescent’s emotional health up to chance. We offer convenient appointment times during the day, evening, and on the weekend. Don’t wait any longer; call Thriveworks today at (910) 247-4818. We are ready to help!

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