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Online Counseling in Wilmington, NC

The internet can make everything easily accessible, from your favorite take-out delivered to your doorstep, online shopping and establishing medical and psychotherapy services. This accessibility can be an extremely helpful resource, but can also hinder productivity, interactions with others and can blur the line between work and home. Thriveworks Counseling in Wilmington offers online therapy and there’s a great chance your insurance will cover it much like it provides coverage for in person appointments. If you are in between insurance carriers then we are still here for you with online therapy that you can pay for out of pocket.

Thriveworks Counseling in Wilmington, NC provides convenient, discrete, HIPAA compliant online therapy for adults, adolescents and children. Our online therapists can help you heal from trauma, set new goals, work through the stress the current pandemic or maybe even emotions that are coming up now that you are home more than ever!

Online counseling offers the same exceptional experience as in-person therapy at our office. The online therapy schedule is the same as the schedule in office with flexible appointment times to meet your needs. Don’t wait to be the best version of you! Call now (910) 247-4818.

Will Online Counseling Help Me?

Online counseling is used in times like the current pandemic when clients can’t get out of their house, or their therapist is not having in person meetings. It is also used in other scenarios in which you may not want to, or be able to, leave work, fight traffic or your schedule is so busy that you may not be able to get into the office but you can meet online. These are definitely situations in which online therapy may be the best option for you! As is the case with all therapy formats, there are times when online counseling may not be the right format for you right now. Thriveworks Counseling in Wilmington is happy to help you figure that out!

How do I Schedule Online Counseling?

Thriveworks Counseling is ready and happy to provide you the caring guidance and support you need to live a happy and productive life. There has never been a better time to work on yourself and become the best you in 2020! Most insurance plans cover telehealth for mental health services. Call today to get scheduled (910) 247-4818.

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