Trauma Therapy in TherapyLand — Child Therapy, Counseling for Trauma

Trauma Therapy in TherapyLand — Child Therapy, Counseling for Trauma  

There is little in the world as heartbreaking as a child that has had to deal with serious trauma. The loss of a parent, being the victim of a crime, dealing with a terminal illness, experiencing a natural disaster; these things should never be part of a child’s life. But sadly, it happens all too often. The youngest victims are often the least able to express their feelings and emotions. However, that doesn’t mean they need to process their feelings alone. Child trauma therapy is available.

Childhood trauma is not necessarily a prophecy of doom, because some children are resilient or because later experiences help to restore mental health. –Richard Bentall

It is important to learn how different traumatic events affect children. Traumatic stressors for kids and teens can be treatable and through different coping mechanisms and therapy techniques. At Thriveworks, we have TherapyLand child specialists and counselors standing by, ready to help your child in this intense time. If you feel like your child has experienced something that can cause lasting effects on their mental wellbeing and development, consider working with a licensed child psychologist at Thriveworks.

When Does a Child Need Trauma Therapy?

Children may have very different ways of dealing with trauma. They may never utter a word about the event, and say they are fine when questioned. However, children that are dealing with trauma may start to exhibit disruptive behaviors, acting out in school or at home. This can be a sign that they are not nearly as emotionally healthy as they would like you to believe. Teenagers that are dealing with trauma may become very withdrawn, sullen, and exhibit personality changes. Thriveworks counselors and therapists in TherapyLand are equipped to deal with the wide range of emotions of children and teenagers dealing with trauma.

Traumatic events may include:

  • Natural disasters, violence, and terrorism
  • Accidents or life-threatening illnesses
  • Loss of a loved one, including pets
  • Neglect
  • Psychological, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Military family-related stressors such as deployment, constantly changing environments, injury, or loss
  • Divorce
  • Immigration
  • Living in a low-income household
  • Bullying

There are different forms of childhood trauma than the list above. The way that your child copes with the trauma they experience is unique to them. However, there are some common signs that you can pick up on for different age groups such as:

  1. Ages 5 or Younger: Constant crying or screaming, reoccurring nightmares, fearful of separation from parents or caregivers, poor eating habits
  2. Ages 6 to 12: Anxiety, feelings of guilt or shame, difficulty sleeping, lack of focus or concentration, nightmares
  3. Ages 13 and Up: Depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse, becoming sexually active, development of eating disorders, explosive anger, moodiness

The symptoms that your child may be presenting could be different than the ones on the list above. The way your child copes or shows their emotions could be from one extreme to the other. If you know that your child has gone through a traumatic event, you might want to consider seeking professional help from a licensed child therapist.

Benefits of Trauma Therapy for Children

One of the greatest benefits of finding help for your child is giving them the ability to cope with and overcome the trauma of their past. Being able to do that gives them the ability to live a happier and healthier life. Other benefits of therapy include:

  • Help the child to return to normal activities such as school and sports teams
  • Provide support so they feel safe and secure
  • Maintain healthy relationships with the child’s parents and caregivers
  • Provide a platform for positive communication
  • Provide coping mechanisms for their feelings such as anger and sadness

The ways your child can overcome their past trauma go well beyond the list above. There’s no reason why they should have to walk this path alone. A Thriveworks TherapyLand psychologist will be able to work with your child at any age level and provide them with the support and guidance they need.

Schedule an Appointment with a Child Trauma Therapist at Thriveworks

You have many choices when looking for a counselor for your child. However, not all counselors who claim to be able to work with children are experts in child therapy. When you choose Thriveworks counselors and therapists, you are choosing expertise, accessibility, and a partnership with the entire family. Thriveworks providers are leaders in their field, ready to put their expertise to work for your child and your family.

Unlike most therapy and counseling offices, we do not operate with a waiting list. We have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours in most cases. Your child can recover from this trauma and move forward in a healthy manner as soon as tomorrow. Call Thriveworks today to get started. It would be our honor to walk with you on this journey of healing.

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