Behavior Therapy—Child Therapy at TherapyLand for Behavior Problems

Behavior Therapy—Child Therapy at TherapyLand for Behavior Problems

When a child is acting out at home or at school, it can be hard to understand the root of the problem. If your child is being disobedient, violent, secretive, or exhibiting other behavior problems, you can feel entirely overwhelmed and unsure of yourself as a parent.

You may feel lost and confused about how to help your child. You feel isolated, wanting to avoid friends and social settings because of your child’s behavior. You feel fearful about the future. Let Thriveworks TherapyLand child therapists take some of that burden from you. We have trained experts, ready to help diagnose, manage, and treat your child or teen’s behavior problems.

Behavior Therapy for Children, Including Those with ADHD

ADHD is characterized by hyperactivity and a limited attention span. These symptoms can contribute to behavioral issues, at home and in the classroom. To be more specific, a child who has ADHD might:

  • Struggle with sharing
  • Lose things often
  • Fidget nonstop
  • Make dangerous choices

These, of course, can be concerning, not to mention cause problems for the child’s parents, teachers, classmates. Fortunately, behavior therapy can help. This approach to counseling is all about discouraging negative behaviors and reinforcing positive behaviors. Here are a few staples of behavior therapy:

  1. Discourage negative behavior by refusing to acknowledge it. Why does this work? Because often, children engage in negative behavior as an attempt to garner attention.
  2. Reinforce good behavior with a reward, such as extra TV time or his/her favorite stickers.
  3. Take away a reward if negative behavior becomes too severe to just ignore.
  4. Work to remove any triggers of poor behavior. For example, if a child often acts out when one specific friend comes over, consider limiting playdates with this child.

Your child’s therapist will help you enforce these rules at home and help you get your child’s behavioral issues under control.

How Can a TherapyLand Child Therapist Help?

Parents or educators often look at behavior problems from a management point of view. Teachers need to manage a classroom; parents need to manage a home. As counselors, we look at the problem from an emotional and psychological perspective:

  • What is the root of this problem?
  • When did it start?
  • Was it a reaction to a traumatic event or life change?
  • Is it due to an underlying problem or disorder?

There are many avenues to explore when dealing with a child’s behavior issues. We have the knowledge and ability to look at the child as a whole, rather than just as a sum of their disruptive behaviors.

Schedule Child Therapy for Behavior Problems at TherapyLand

You have many choices when looking for a counselor. But not all counselors who claim to be able to work with children are experts in child therapy. When you choose Thriveworks, you are choosing expertise, accessibility, and partnering with the family.

Thriveworks providers are leaders in their field, ready to put their expertise to work for your child and your family. Unlike most therapy and counseling offices, we do not operate with a waiting list. We have appointments available for new clients often within 24 hours. Do not let your child’s disruptive behaviors overwhelm your family. We are here, ready to help the entire family unit. Call Thriveworks TherapyLand today.

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