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As children grow and develop, they require a considerable amount of care and attention to ensure that they reach their full potential. While their developmental needs might be different than an adult’s, there are times when mental health services can be of great benefit to children and their families. Though it may feel like it’s a parent or guardian’s sole duty to provide for and protect their children, there are times when the psychological needs of children can’t be addressed by family members—and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

In fact, that’s where child therapists can help. At Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN, we have a team of mental health professionals who can give your child the expert treatment and care they deserve. Whether you’re seeking psychological evaluation and treatment for your child, or simply want to provide them with a third-party professional to help blow off steam, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our child therapists or counselors. We can help your child overcome the mental health obstacles that are in their way; choose Thriveworks to provide them with a better tomorrow. 

How Can Child Therapy Help? 

Child therapy can reduce the effects of mental health-related issues that your child or teen may be faced with. While there’s no cure-all solution to any mental health condition, child therapy typically pulls from a variety of evidence-based, practical solutions that have years’ worth of solid evidence behind them. This might include: 

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT is a common type of talk therapy, arguably the most popular form of psychotherapy in modern counseling and therapeutic approaches. CBT is widely popular because it is successful in addressing and managing the symptoms of a wide variety of mental health conditions that your child may be experiencing, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. CBT can help children learn to identify the harmful impact of negative thought loops, and may prevent them from overlooking the consequences of impulsive actions and behaviors. 

At Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN, our child therapists and counselors can help teens and children to connect their thought processes with the world around them, to better understand the way that their emotions and actions can impact their personal relationships and future. 

  1. Play therapy: Play therapy is another approach that is often utilized in treating younger children. It helps kids explore their thoughts and emotions naturally and freely through play! Play therapy often takes place in a room specifically set up for children, complete with toys, coloring exercises, and more. They’ll have a safe and conducive space to encourage this free expression and exploration. As the child enjoys their time freely, one of our counselors or therapists will observe the way they interact with their environment and the ways in which they express themselves. 

When Is Child Therapy Needed? 

Child therapy aims to help children and teens to balance their mental health needs through professional outlets that balance both their age and personal needs with expert care. Just as no two adult clients are alike, no two children or teens will be, either. At Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN we understand this—that’s why personalized care is integrated into every session. 

Child therapy may be necessary during difficult life transitions, which can include: 

  • Physical abuse or sexual trauma 
  • Divorce or bereavement in the family 
  • Academic issues, such as learning disabilities
  • Peer-to-peer bullying, whether they are receiving or bullying themselves
  • Sexuality-based issues, including gender identity issues 
  • Stress or anger related to hearing, sight, or speech impediments 
  • Sibling-to-sibling relationship dysfunctions
  • And many other issues 

At our Lafayette, IN location, your child or teenager will be paired with a counselor or therapist who has completed their supervised training requirements—meaning that they’ve spent hours worth of professionally supervised time working with kids and teens. Plus, you can rest easy, knowing that we only hire the top 4% of providers at any given Thriveworks location. Your child or teenager’s mental health is our top priority. 

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If you’re ready to help your child receive the encouragement and professional assistance needed to overcome their behavioral, environmental, or developmental challenges, turn to Thriveworks in Lafayette, IN for assistance. You can call our office or schedule an appointment online. There’s no need to delay getting your teen or child enrolled in therapy or counseling. We cahelp them thrive—the first step is reaching out for assistance.

Child Therapy — TherapyLand™

Our Lafayette, IN office is a TherapyLand location: A positive, empowering place for kids to get the mental health care they deserve. Equipped with sandboxes, dollhouses, easels, puppets, blocks, basketball hoops, and other tools, our play therapy rooms are designed to help kids explore and express their emotions. Learn more about TherapyLand and how it could help your child.

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