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Childhood is a time of fun and play. Our primary job as children is to be silly, to laugh, to use our imagination. But that doesn’t mean childhood is void of challenges. In fact, some of us face the most difficult struggles of our lives in childhood, be it bullying, our parents’ divorce, a big move, trouble building and maintaining relationships, and more. The reality is that these challenges can be difficult to work through and have a long-term impact on our wellbeing.

“We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” –Stacia Tauscher

Your child might benefit from child therapy if they are currently going through one of the above challenges. They might also benefit from child therapy if they appear to be struggling emotionally, have withdrawn from their normal day to day, or have experienced a traumatic event. In any case, child therapy can help to equip your child with essential tools and skills for managing stress and working through life’s obstacles.

If you’re interested in setting your child up with a therapist, consider Thriveworks Counseling in Stamford, CT. We can help your child or teen navigate the tough avenues of life, and we can start as soon as tomorrow! To schedule your appointment, just call (203) 635-5693. We can get you set up with in-person counseling or online counseling therapy. Let your scheduling specialist know what your preferences are.

What Is Child Therapy? How Does Child Therapy Work?

Child therapy helps children, teens, and adolescents work through the challenges that are in front of them, be it a mental illness, an instance of bullying, the separation of parents, adjusting to life in a new town, and more. Here is a more comprehensive list of the issues we help children and teens with in child therapy:

  • Managing mental illnesses like depression and anxiety
  • Working through the aftermath of trauma, like bullying
  • Adapting in new life circumstances, such as after divorce
  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one

These are common issues seen in child therapy, but they are not the only issues our child therapists see. The truth is that our child therapists will do their best to help your child or teen overcome whatever challenges they are currently facing. They are equipped with the right skills, tools, and experience to do so. If you think your child or teen could benefit from meeting with a therapist, reach out today.

Can Child Therapy Benefit My Child?

Child therapists and counselors can offer children, teens, and adolescents the guidance and support they need to grow well through life. It’s important to note that many children will not open up to their parents about the problems or the difficult feelings they are experiencing. Therefore, it’s important to look out for the signs that your child might be struggling. These signs include:

  1. Your child or teen is withdrawing from their social circle.
  2. Your child or teen experiences a change in appetite.
  3. They exhibit a down or depressed mood.
  4. They refuse to go to school.
  5. Your child or teen has trouble sleeping.
  6. They have a sudden change in mood or attitude.

If the above describes your child, they might be struggling. Consider setting them up with a child therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Stamford, CT who will assess your child’s specific needs and then design a personalized treatment plan for them. We want to help your child live the healthy, happy life they deserve. And we’re ready to do that today.

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Many children, teenagers, and adolescents can benefit from meeting with a child therapist. With the assistance and support of a skilled, caring provider, they can work through the challenges at hand and set themselves up for a happy, healthy life for years to come.

If you’re ready to schedule a child therapy appointment, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling today. We have appointments available for both in-person counseling and online counseling therapy. To book your session, just call (203) 635-5693. We are here to help.

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