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There is no greater pain for a parent than a child who is not well, whether physically or emotionally. Worrying about your son or daughter can make every day nearly unbearable. It can be difficult for you, as a parent, to think about much else. Your fears and concerns may have been building for some time and you cannot ignore them any longer. Perhaps there is an intense and immediate event in your child’s life that is extremely concerning and you feel unprepared to cope or help your child recover.

As parents, we want to feel like we can handle any issue that our children may face. We want to have all the answers. We want to help them move past any difficult easily and quickly. We want to put a bandage on their problem, kiss them and make it all better.”

Unfortunately, when dealing with emotional or psychological problems, this is not usually the case. Some problems in life require the help of a professional. Seeking professional help for your child may be the best way to help them face the issue. Thriveworks Richmond child therapists and psychologists are happy to help today.

Why Pursue Richmond Child Therapy?

There are many reasons a child may benefit from child therapy. Difficulty in school, at home, or with friends and family may be causing you to wonder if your child could have an easier time in these situations. Perhaps a school counselor or someone else that works with your child has suggested that you seek a professional counselor or therapist for your son or daughter. This may be difficult to hear, but it may also be confirming fears you have had for quite some time.

The reasons to consider therapy for your child vary depending on the child’s age. Dealing with a trauma for a toddler is significantly different than dealing with this same issue with a teenager. A trained child therapist can work with any age child, using different techniques to communicate with them, identify the problem, and work towards a solution.

Reasons to pursue child therapy may include:

  • Autism concerns or diagnosis
  • ADHD/ADD concerns or diagnosis
  • Disruptive behavior in school
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Violent or criminal behavior
  • Life change, such as parent’s divorce
  • Addictions to drugs or alcohol
  • Eating disorders
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Emotional or psychological problems
  • Anxiety

You may have read this list and not immediately seen your child’s problem. Thriveworks Richmond child therapy can still help. It may be difficult to clearly identify the problem for you as a parent, but you know your child would benefit from therapy. This is the first step in helping your child live a more full, happy life. Realizing that you and your child need help coping with a trauma, or establishing new ways of communicating, is an important step in the healing process.

Perhaps you read the list above and your child’s problem immediately was identified in your mind. You feel so relieved to have a description of your child’s problem. This is such an important first step and we can help you move into the next step of treating the identified issue. You have made the realization that your child would benefit from therapy or counseling and we are here to help make that happen.

Children and teenagers go through many stages as they grow and mature. There are many difficulties caused by the simple process of growing up.”

Sometimes children move through these stages easily and competently, but sometimes a little help is needed along the way. A trained child therapist conveniently located right here in Richmond can possibly communicate and reach your child in a way that is different from a parent.

A teenager that slams the door in your face and will not say more than two words to you after school may be able to open up in the safe environment of a therapist’s office in a way that would seem impossible to you. A trained child therapist simply has the tools and experience to help foster open and honest communication, no matter what the age of the client.

Child Therapy Techniques

There are many unique and important ways that a child therapist can help deal with the problems of this age group. As any parent knows, talking with a toddler is very different than talking with a teenager. A trained counselor or therapist will use several techniques to find what works best for your child.

These methods of child therapy may include:

  • Traditional talk therapy
  • Behavior modification techniques
  • Play therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Teaching relaxation methods
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Teaching coping methods
  • Identifying and treating underlying medical issues
  • Identifying and treating underlying psychological issues

Every parent believes that their child is unique and special, and they are correct. There is no other child in the world like your son or daughter. A trained child therapist understands this and will honor the way that your child is different than the last client that was in their office. No one technique fits every child.

A combination of methods is often used to best treat the combination of problems and issues that a child presents in the office. We will work with your child to find what works best and helps foster clear communication and progress.

Thriveworks Richmond Child Therapists are Here to Help

You may have been dealing with your child’s problem alone for quite some time. You feel isolated, and maybe even embarrassed. You cannot talk to your friends about your child’s issue because you know they would not understand. It is time to have help. You do not have to cope with this alone any longer. Thriveworks counselors and child therapists are ready to help and will not be shocked by whatever issue you present to us.

We are professionals that are ready and able to help you and your child.

Your child may not be having serious issues at home or school, but you know they could be thriving more in life. You want to have better communication in your family, but you have no idea how to make that happen.”

Thriveworks child therapists can help. We can help you create the home and the family that you desire.

Thriveworks child therapists are leaders in their field. Our counselors have been featured in many academic journals and reputable news outlets such as CNN, The Journal of Mental Health Counseling, Counseling Today, and The Boston Globe. They have experience dealing with the same issues you have kept hidden for so long. They are ready to help with whatever your child is dealing with, whether big or small.

At Thriveworks, we pride ourselves on not operating with a waiting list. We have appointments available in the next 24 hours. We are just a phone call or a message away. We are ready and able to help you and your child process and cope, and function and thrive in home and school.

Call Thriveworks Richmond child therapy at 804-554-0356. It would be our honor to walk with you on this journey of healing.

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