Telehealth Counseling—Reading, PA

Telehealth Counseling—Reading, PA

Are you looking for a more convenient way to see your counselor or coach? Are you having difficulty getting time off of work or away from home to come to see your counselor or coach in person? Do you have transportation difficulties?  Are life circumstances getting in the way of you attending in person sessions?  Do you want to improve yourself and finally tackle your goals but just cannot find the time to travel to and from the physical office?  If so, call us at Thriveworks-Reading; we have counselors and coaches available to help you thrive!

Telehealth Counseling: What Is It?

Telehealth, or online counseling, utilizes videoconferencing to provide virtual sessions to address medical, physical health, and mental health concerns.  It provides our clients and therapists with the ability to meet via long-distance in real time online through a video chat online. Telehealth counseling can be useful for individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, coaching, psychoeducation, consultations, feedback, and diagnostic purposes.

How Does Telehealth Counseling Help?

Telehealth counseling is provided during a videoconferencing session in real time.  Telehealth improves access to therapists, improves care continuation, reduces transportation and childcare barriers, brings your therapist to where you are, decreases the wait to receive care, and reduces the stigma surrounding mental health care so you can thrive. Telehealth counseling allows the counselor and client to work together on treatment goals no matter the distance between them.  Telehealth counseling is an effective treatment option for many different counseling concerns including but not limited to mood disorders, depression, anxiety, couples concerns, co-parenting, family therapy, stress related disorders, and more.  Telehealth counseling is convenient, fits easily into your daily life, and improves access to therapists.

What Are Telehealth Counseling Requirements?

Forget the car, forget the gas, in order to participate in telehealth counseling services you will need a computer or tablet or smart phone.  You will also need a reliable internet connection.  You need a room or place you feel comfortable to sit for your appointment. A headset and microphone to keep your session from being heard by others around are optional but may be helpful to you.  In addition, you will need the link to the telehealth platform your counselor provides to you.  Lastly, you will need the time set aside for your designated appointment and the desire to reach your goals.

How Can Thriveworks Reading Help?

At Thriveworks Reading, our therapists have the ability to provide telehealth counseling sessions in each of their respective therapeutic modalities as described in their profiles.  Please note that, typically, many insurance companies do cover telehealth services; however it is important to check with your specific insurance to ensure this is true.  We will work with you to schedule an appointment that fits into your weekly agenda from the convenience of your home or other chosen location. As always we will sit down with you via the telehealth videoconferencing platform.  We will listen to you, show care and concern, address your concerns, and help you work toward your goals.   The treatment interventions and modalities we utilize via telehealth do not differ from those we use in our physical offices.  Telehealth is appropriate for adults, adolescents, and in many cases for children as well.  Many wonder if telehealth is HIPAA compliant and for that reason it is important to note that we here at Thriveworks-Reading utilize a variety of HIPAA compliant videoconferencing telehealth platforms to ensure your trust, confidentiality, and safety.  Call us now to schedule your appointment so you can thrive!

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