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What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses specifically on the medical and psychotherapeutic treatment of mental conditions and disorders.

How does psychiatry work?

Psychiatry allows people struggling to manage mental conditions or disorders to get access to medications that will make daily functioning easier, as well as work through any mental factors that might be causing or worsening their condition. Though medications can't cure mental disorders, medication can make symptoms more manageable, making the process of psychotherapeutic treatment easier and more effective. Psychiatric care can be available through in-person psychiatry and online psychiatry, depending on where you live and your own preferences. However, psychiatric providers at Thriveworks in Bethesda, MD specifically offer online psychiatry to their clients.

Does psychiatry deal with anxiety?

Psychiatrists are among the mental health professionals who can prescribe anxiety medication, and they are also capable of offering therapeutic treatment for anxiety as well, though not every psychiatric professional offers therapy. Medication management can be offered via in-person or online psychiatry.

What is the difference between a mental health therapist and psychiatrist?

A therapist has an education specifically rooted in therapeutic practice, approaches, techniques, and treatment. They cannot prescribe medications for clients, thought they often refer clients to psychiatrists for medication management. Psychiatrists are medically trained doctors who specialize in mental health treatment, mainly through medication management and prescription, though they can also practice therapy.

What's the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

Psychologists and psychiatrists receive differing educations, as psychologists are not medically trained the same way that psychiatrists are. Psychologists mainly specialize in providing therapy services and diagnoses for mental disorders — something that most therapists cannot provide — while psychiatrists manage medications and sometimes provide therapy services. The main difference is that psychologists (generally) cannot prescribe medications the way psychiatrists can.

Do psychiatric NPs treat mental disorders?

Psychiatric nurse practitioners (NPs) treat and diagnose disorders, prescribe and manage medications, and offer psychotherapy services, too.

How do psychiatriac providers diagnose?

Oftentimes, psychiatrists or psychiatric professionals will perform a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which involves an in-depth discussion about your symptoms, medical history, and current medications. Once they reach a diagnosis, they may suggest starting certain medications depending on your condition and the intensity of your symptoms.

Is psychiatry/medication conducted in person or online?

At Thriveworks, we offer online psychiatry as well as in-person therapy services for optimal comfort and convenience.

How long does psychiatry last?

Psychiatric services at Thriveworks Bethesda can last for as little or as much time as the client needs to reach their treatment goals, whether that be a month or two or over the course of years. treatment length is heavily dependent on the condition(s) being treated, the course of treatment, and the client's goals for treatment.

Need more help deciding?

Major and minor depression; generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder; postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. The list of mental illnesses that can be remedied with medication is extensive. Unfortunately, many people subscribe to the belief that when it comes to mental illness, medication is only for those who are seriously suffering. In reality, those with severe as well as those with mild mental health conditions can benefit from taking medication, which helps to relieve the harmful effects of their underlying disorder.

You cannot recover from anxiety by just staying calm. You cannot

recover from depression by just being positive. You cannot recover

from anxiety nervosa by just eating more. If mental illnesses were

that simple, we wouldn’t be struggling in the first place.”


If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or you’re struggling with another mental illness that we haven’t yet touched on, consider contacting Thriveworks in Bethesda, MD. Not only do we have therapists and counselors, but our Thriveworks Bethesda team is also comprised of online psychiatrists who can offer a diagnosis and provide medication management as well as therapy. Our mental health professionals will help to determine what the best course of treatment is for your specific situation. To get started with a Thriveworks Bethesda psychiatrist, just call (240) 513-3093.

What Is Medication Management and Who Does It Help?

Medication management is the process of assessing one’s need for medication, prescribing said medication, and overseeing the individual’s use of the prescribed medication. Typically, a nurse practitioner or psychiatrist will conduct this analysis and head medication management, which is super important to one’s trajectory in treatment for a given mental illness.

Here’s an example of how this process might play out: Someone is diagnosed with depression. They schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist to talk about treatment options. Their psychiatrist evaluates the individual’s symptoms and determines which antidepressant might best help the individual. They then prescribe the individual their medication and monitor his or her use of it. They’ll work to ensure that their client takes the right medication, at the appropriate time, with or without food. They’ll also check in regularly to see how the individual feels, how the medication is helping them, what side effects they might be experiencing, and more.

Why Is Medication Management Important?

If you reach out to Thriveworks Bethesda, MD to schedule an appointment with one of our online psychiatrists, your provider will keep your health and wellbeing at the forefront. This means that they will check that you’re getting the desired outcome from the medication that they prescribe you. If you don’t receive the desired benefits or your state declines instead of improving, they’ll then help you find a different medication. In any case, it’s important that you follow their exact instructions for taking your medicine. For example, the following are all important:

  • Taking your medication at the right time of day
  • Taking your medication with or without food, depending on instructions
  • Taking the right dosage of your medication
  • Understanding and monitoring the potential side effects of the medication

Oftentimes, clients don’t understand just how important the above factors are. It’s up to their online psychiatrist to explain to them exactly how to take their medication and why their instructions are important to their health and success in treatment.

Schedule a Session with an Online Psychiatrist at Thriveworks Bethesda

As we have reiterated many times over, it’s vital that you understand your medication: its purpose, potential side effects, proper usage, and more. If you decide to meet with one of our online psychiatrists here at Thriveworks Bethesda, you won’t have to worry about figuring out this process alone. Your Thriveworks provider will be there with you every step of the way. They’ll do their best to find the medication that can best benefit you, monitor how it’s helping (or, in some cases, hurting) you, and make any necessary adjustments.

You can begin working with a Thriveworks Bethesda online psychiatrist as soon as today. Just call our office to kickstart the process and we will be happy to get you scheduled with your appointment.

Board-Certified ADHD Psychiatrists in Bethesda, MD

If your child is struggling to pay attention in school, loses their possessions often, or is having a hard time with time management, you may feel like this is simply what every parent goes through. But what if these are signs of a more serious issue?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common struggle for millions of adults and children. While many children experience difficulties with academics, relating to peers, or listening to their parents, those with ADHD may experience these kinds of issues on a more consistent or severe basis. Their symptoms may even start to interfere with their ability to function normally on a daily basis.

No parent likes to see their child struggle. When it comes to dealing with mental, emotional, and behavioral issues, understanding what is going on is the first step towards making an improvement. Early intervention can lead to a higher quality of life in both the short and long term. For ADHD testing and treatment, get in touch with our team at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD to speak with a psychiatrist.

ADHD Symptoms To Look Out For

ADHD symptoms vary from person to person and nobody experiences mental health disorders in exactly the same way. However, these are some of the most common symptoms of ADHD:

  • Excessive fidgeting
  • Trouble sitting still
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Excessive disorganization
  • Memory issues
  • Abnormal levels of impatience
  • Short attention span
  • Frequent interruptions

People with ADHD symptoms may trend more toward the inattentive side of the spectrum, the hyperactive-impulsive side, or somewhere in between. Since symptoms can look different for different people — and can even evolve over time — it’s worth consulting with a licensed professional who can accurately diagnose and treat ADHD.

If you believe you or someone you care about is suffering from ADHD, consider speaking with the licensed ADHD psychiatrists at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD.

Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD

While ADHD isn’t a condition that can be completely cured, there are many treatment options that can successfully alleviate symptoms and ensure you or your child can live a happy and fruitful life going forward.

When diagnosing a child with ADHD, a licensed professional compares the child’s behaviors and symptoms to others in their age and developmental group. That way, they can rule out behaviors that occur naturally throughout a child’s development. Diagnosing ADHD doesn’t involve a single test; rather, a mental health professional may use a variety of questionnaires and rating scales — in addition to interviews with parents, teachers, and relatives — to make a determination.

Your provider will not only look at symptoms but also take note of when they began. To qualify for a diagnosis of ADHD, symptoms need to have been present prior to age 12, persist for more than six months, be present in multiple settings, and interfere with normal daily function. An ADHD psychiatrist may also perform a physical examination and review medical records to rule out other kinds of physical and mental conditions.

When it comes to treatment, some clients benefit from behavioral therapy, which seeks to change unhealthy or self-destructive behaviors. This can take many forms depending on the person and may require a family effort, particularly if a very young child is involved. For children who communicate their feelings more effectively through play, various forms of play therapy may be recommended.

Some clients’ treatment plans include medications, such as stimulants and anti-depressants. As a licensed medical doctor, an ADHD psychiatrist can determine whether medication is right for you and manage the prescription process directly. They can also monitor for potential side effects during treatment and ensure the type and dose of medication are having the desired therapeutic effect.

Dealing with ADHD can be frustrating and overwhelming but you don’t have to face it on your own. Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD is standing by to offer the help and support you need.

Schedule an ADHD Psychiatry Appointment in Bethesda, MD

At Thriveworks Counseling, we’re here to provide emotional, mental, and behavioral health services to improve your quality of life. We take the stress out of scheduling appointments so you can focus on getting the help you need when you need it.

To request an appointment, simply call our office or click the scheduling tool and we’ll set you up with a provider. You’ll find evening and weekend slots available and can leverage our super flexible rescheduling policy. We also offer the convenience of remote therapy appointments so you can access essential mental health services without worrying about commutes or transportation.

Upon scheduling with Thriveworks, clients can take advantage of many exclusive benefits, including easy app-based scheduling and billing support as well as the ability to contact a mental health professional between sessions.

If you’re interested in ADHD treatment, please call or click to make an appointment with a licensed professional at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD today.

Anxiety Psychiatrists in Bethesda, MD –– Call Us Today

Marie has been feeling more anxious at work lately. Her anxiety has grown more intense ever since the company announced layoffs a few weeks ago. At first, she would feel faint at her desk. Then, her heart started racing whenever she met with her boss.

After a few weeks, Marie’s anxiety started impacting other parts of her life. She began to feel panicked at the dinner table and anxious when getting ready for bed. Her nights became sleepless as she would frequently wake up in a cold sweat, worried about her job.

Marie’s partner notices a change in her behavior and convinces her to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist. After Marie’s first session, her psychiatrist diagnoses her with an anxiety disorder and prescribes a treatment plan consisting of talk therapy and medication. Talk therapy helps her understand and manage her anxiety while the medication helps reduce her symptoms. Soon enough, Marie feels calmer and is able to better control the anxiety in her life.

Have you ever felt like Marie? Millions of people suffer from anxiety every day in the United States alone. It’s an incredibly common mental health disorder that can prevent you from living your best life. Anxiety can be overwhelming but we want you to know that support is available. If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, consider reaching out to a mental health professional from Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD.

What Are the Most Common Anxiety Symptoms?

Everyone experiences anxiety differently but some symptoms are more common than others. A few typical symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Feeling nervous, restless, or on edge
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Hyperventilation
  • Difficulty controlling worry
  • Panic attacks
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Do you experience any of these symptoms? Anxiety is a mental illness that makes everyday tasks more difficult and can leave you exhausted. If you’re ready to work with an anxiety psychiatrist, reach out to us at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD.

What To Expect From an Anxiety Psychiatrist

Anxiety can be scary but we want you to know that support is available. Psychiatrists can treat anxiety disorders through talk therapy, medication, or a mix of multiple treatment modalities.

Talk therapy is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety. There are many different types, but here are two of the most common:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT is a form of talk therapy that can be used to treat many different mental health problems including panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. It’s a research-backed therapy that helps you notice your thoughts and behaviors and learn how to challenge negative thought patterns and replace them with more effective ones.
  • Systematic desensitization therapy: Also known as graduated exposure therapy, this is an effective treatment for phobias and social anxiety disorders. Systematic desensitization helps you challenge your fears gradually, build confidence, and learn skills for controlling anxiety and panic, all under the guidance of a trained professional. For example, someone with arachnophobia might start by looking at pictures of cartoon spiders, then photos and videos of real spiders, before eventually sitting in a room with a spider in a cage.

Psychiatrists have medical degrees and can prescribe medication if that is considered helpful for your condition. Anxiety medications can help reduce symptoms and your provider will walk you through the benefits as well as any potential side effects that you might encounter.

Working with a psychiatrist can help you manage your anxiety and reach your mental health goals. Call our office today to set up an appointment with a mental health professional at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD.

Anxiety Psychiatrists Available at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD

If you’ve ever considered reaching out for mental health support, consider calling our office at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD today. Working with an anxiety psychiatrist could improve your mental health and help you find a sense of peace and mental calm.

Thriveworks Counseling can connect you with an expert mental health professional right away. We’ll never put you on a waitlist and many of our new clients can often meet with a psychiatrist within 24-48 hours of calling.

We offer evening and weekend sessions with convenient online counseling options so you don’t have to deal with a commute. Many of our clients love working with their psychiatrist over the phone or through a video call. We also accept many health insurance plans –– your mental health care might be more affordable than you think.

Our team of mental health professionals is committed to helping you be your best self. Call us today at Thriveworks Counseling in Bethesda, MD. Our scheduling team is standing by to help you get started.

Depression Psychiatrists — Appointments in Bethesda, MD

People who are depressed often know the word for what they’re feeling, but they don’t know what to do about it. Because depression is frequently accompanied by feelings of worthlessness and indifference, there’s often a sense that nothing can be done to make things better.

But depression affects millions of people all over the world, from songstress Lady Gaga to actress Kerry Washington. Though it comes in many forms — major depressive disorder, postpartum depression, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, for example — treatment is available.

A depression psychiatrist can help you manage your depression symptoms and prevent future depressive episodes. As a licensed medical doctor, they’re able to prescribe medications that fight both the physical and psychological implications of depression. They’ve spent years studying the human mind so that they can use techniques such as psychoanalysis and other forms of talk therapy to help people with their depression.

Whatever form of depression you’re dealing with, a psychiatrist can provide insight and encouragement. They can give you the care, guidance, and resources you need to reshape your thought processes and live a happier life. They can also teach you long-lasting coping mechanisms that you can use in the days, months, and years ahead.

To begin treatment, consider setting up an appointment with us at Thriveworks in Bethesda, MD. We have spent years helping people who are depressed get the treatment they need and deserve, and we would love to help you, too.

Common Depression Symptoms

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that most commonly occurs during the cold autumn and winter months. It’s thought to be related to disruptions in the circadian rhythm and changes in the amount of sunlight we receive.

Bipolar disorder, on the other hand, is a mental illness that causes mood swings from high (manic) to low (depressive). It may be caused by genetics or a combination of other factors.

At first glance, these two types of depression may seem dissimilar, but most forms of depression share common symptoms. These include:

  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Apathy
  • Inability to focus
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

The severity and prevalence of these symptoms will vary from person to person, but any sign of depression should be taken seriously. Treatment for depression is possible with the right resources, time, and professional assistance.

If you believe you’re experiencing depression, please reach out to a professional at Thriveworks in Bethesda, MD for help. We’re ready and waiting to do our part in your mental wellness journey.

What Can a Depression Psychiatrist Do for Me?

The role of mental health professionals is clear — to provide quality, empathetic care to their clients. But what separates a psychiatrist from other mental health professionals is their medical background. As a result, they are able to administer medications in conjunction with therapy and other practices.

When you meet with your Thriveworks depression psychiatrist, they’ll begin by learning about your past behaviors, your family, and your environment to better assess your needs. Once they’ve diagnosed your specific form of depression, they’ll begin a treatment plan that may include some of the following:

  • Medications such as antidepressants or antipsychotics.
  • Forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), or interpersonal therapy.
  • Additional recommendations such as caffeine avoidance, exercise, and strengthening your social network.

During treatment, your provider may suggest preventative steps you can take to prepare for future challenges that may come up. If you’d like to get started treating your depression, call us at Thriveworks in Bethesda, MD to schedule an appointment today.

Make an Appointment at Thriveworks in Bethesda, MD

Treating depression is a team effort. When you and your depression psychiatrist work together, you can set realistic goals that move you closer to your desired lifestyle. No matter how severe or mild your symptoms may be, you can reach out to a professional to assist you on your wellness journey.

At Thriveworks, we offer our clients weekend and evening appointment times. Our psychiatrists are available remotely over the phone or through video chat to make scheduling easier. Should you need to speak with your provider between appointments, you’ll have access to their email and phone number.

Our online benefits include exclusive video content, a moderated message board, eBooks, and a virtual life coach Q&A. We accept a variety of insurance plans to make things easier, and new clients can often be seen in as little as 24 hours.

Whether you’re suffering from major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, or another form of depression, we’re here for you at Thriveworks in Bethesda, MD. Call us to schedule your appointment.

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I couldn't have asked for a better therapist. Nina Zuriff is such a good fit for me. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She has really helped me cope with this very hard time I am currently experiencing and makes herself reachable should an emergency arise. I am very happy I selected Nina. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Read more I couldn't have asked for a better therapist. Nina Zuriff is such a good fit for me. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. She has really helped me cope with this very hard time I am currently experiencing and makes herself reachable should an emergency arise. I am very happy I selected Nina. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
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Carolina, is a caring and empathetic individual. I felt heard and understood since I walked in to see her. She is helping me grow as an individual l, and for that I am forever grateful.
Read more Carolina, is a caring and empathetic individual. I felt heard and understood since I walked in to see her. She is helping me grow as an individual l, and for that I am forever grateful.
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I am glad that I made the decision to work with Stacey Scott. She is an exceptional listener. Ms. Scott is committed to her clients. Stacey is intentional about ensuring her clients are successful and thrive. Stacey takes the the time to listen and helps with developing strategies that are effective. Stacey Scott is a professional. I am so glad I had an opportunity to talk with her and even happier that she listened.
Read more I am glad that I made the decision to work with Stacey Scott. She is an exceptional listener. Ms. Scott is committed to her clients. Stacey is intentional about ensuring her clients are successful and thrive. Stacey takes the the time to listen and helps with developing strategies that are effective. Stacey Scott is a professional. I am so glad I had an opportunity to talk with her and even happier that she listened.
Bethesda Oct 2019
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