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Online counseling is a convenient option for many, as it is easy to fit into a busy schedule! If you’re interested in working with a therapist, counselor, or life coach, consider online therapy at Thriveworks Bethesda. These professionals truly care about their clients, and they do all that they can to help them succeed in therapy. We have online therapists who are ready to work with you today.

If you’re interested in scheduling an online therapy appointment, give Thriveworks Bethesda a call or book online. We are able to offer you next-day appointments, as we know that time is of the essence when it comes to mental health help. Our online therapists are eager to help you with a wide range of challenges, from relationship issues to low self-esteem and more.

What Is Online Therapy? What Are My Options?

Online therapy is meant to be a more convenient approach to therapy. Many people struggle to find the time to drive to their therapy appointment, sit through their 60-90 minute session, and then drive back home, when they already have a busy schedule. If you choose to work with an online therapist, you can do so via video chat, phone call, or email/chat:

  • Video chat: Video chat is a popular option for online therapy, as it still has a face-to-face element to it while also offering convenience. With video therapy, you simply set up a day and time to meet your therapist online for your session.
  • Email therapy: Email therapy differs from video and phone therapy, as it occurs over a longer period of time. Instead of instant conversations, you will send messages back and forth with your therapist.

Are you interested in attending therapy via video chat, phone call, or email? You’re in the right place. We have online therapists who want to help you find the greater happiness or success that you are looking for. Reach out today to schedule your online therapy counseling appointment.

Benefits of Online Therapy: Convenience and Comfort

If you aren’t familiar with online therapy, you’re probably wondering what the benefits are and why someone would choose online therapy over in-person therapy. The truth is that some people can’t find a way to fit another appointment into their schedule—but when they have the option to attend their session online, they can! Convenience is a huge factor for many people when it comes to scheduling therapy and one major reason to choose online therapy over your traditional therapy session.

Additionally, online therapy offers a level of comfort that many do not experience in in-person therapy. With online therapy, one can attend from the comfort of their home or anywhere else they feel comfortable. Also, these individuals feel more comfortable on a mental and emotional level working with a therapist via phone call, video chat, or email. They find that it’s easier to open up and achieve their desired outcomes.

Schedule Online Therapy at Thriveworks Bethesda, MD

Are you interested in the benefits of online therapy counseling and ready to get to work with an online therapist? We are more than happy to work with you. Your online therapist at Thriveworks Bethesda is excited to meet you, be it over video chat, phone call, or email. Remember: These are licensed providers with impressive skills, knowledge, and experience that allows them to best help you.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, reach out to Thriveworks Bethesda. A scheduling specialist will talk to you about your scheduling opportunities. Know that we do offer next-day appointments and we also offer evening and weekend sessions to best help all of our clients. Also, we partner with most major insurance plans and employ a flexible cancellation policy.

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