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We all encounter major obstacles in life—and sometimes we get in our own way. For example, those with anger issues tend to react quickly in the heat of the moment, are more likely to engage in physical violence, and in turn, they hurt important areas of life including their career and relationships with loved ones. If your anger issues are getting in your way of living a happy, healthy life with a successful career and fulfilling relationships, consider anger management. Thriveworks Bethesda provides anger management services, which is led by skilled, caring mental health professionals. So, if you are in the Montgomery area, consider working with a Thriveworks Bethesda therapist.

“Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.” –Robert Green Ingersoll

Thriveworks Bethesda prides itself on only partnering with the most capable therapists, counselors, and life coaches. These providers have the skills as well as the experience to help you learn how to manage your anger and in turn live a better life. At Thriveworks Bethesda, you’re in good hands. To schedule your first anger management session, just call our scheduling team at (240) 513-3093. We’re ready to teach you effective tools for channeling and expressing your angry feelings!

Do I Have Anger Issues? Should I Get Anger Management Help?

We all get angry from time to time. Think: You’re running late to work when your tire blows out; you say “no” when your sister asks if she can borrow your sweater but she wears it anyway; your boss yells at you for something that you didn’t do; your cable goes out during the Superbowl. All of these events can evoke anger—however, that does not mean that two people will respond in the same way to the same infuriating situation. For example, one person might feel angry but react calmly when their tire blows out. They know exactly what to do; this is why their dad showed them how to change a tire! Another individual would let that anger take over. Instead of sucking it up and changing their tire, they pound on their steering wheel and scream.

How do you react in infuriating situations? Are you more like the first person or the second person? If you have trouble controlling your anger and responding well in frustrating situations, you could probably benefit from anger management help. If you’re still uncertain about whether you have anger issues, consult the following:

  • You’re always at the center of arguments with friends and family
  • You feel like you’re angry on a daily basis
  • You engage in physical violence when you feel angry
  • You exhibit reckless or disruptive behavior like slamming doors

If the above resonates with you, you might have some anger issues that need to be resolved. The good news is that you have found the right place! If you are in Montgomery County, reach out to Thriveworks Bethesda to schedule an anger management appointment. We care about your health, happiness, and success. Let us help you live your optimal life!

What Is Anger Management? Can Anger Therapy Help Me?

Anger issues are not fun to deal with—are any issues fun to deal with? However, it is necessary to correct any inappropriate behavior you may be engaging in due to your out-of-control anger. The anger management specialists at Thriveworks Bethesda will help you understand why you feel so angry, how your angry expressions are harmful to you and others, and most importantly, how you can process and communicate your angry emotions.

The anger professionals at Thriveworks Bethesda do not expect you to stop feeling angry altogether. This is impossible, as every single human being experiences anger from time to time. The real goal is to help you manage this difficult emotion in a healthier way.

Receive Anger Management Help at Thriveworks Bethesda

Are you looking for Montgomery therapy for anger management? Thriveworks Bethesda can provide you with that help. We have therapists and counselors on our team who specialize in helping people with their anger issues. And the best part is that we can offer you a next-day appointment! So, if you’re ready to get started, give Thriveworks Bethesda a call right now at (240) 513-3093. You’ll have flexible scheduling options to choose from including appointments in the evenings and on the weekends.

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