Psychiatric Services in Alpharetta, GA—Alpharetta Psychiatry

Psychiatric Services in Alpharetta, GA—Alpharetta Psychiatry

Matthew never thought of himself as emotional. Anytime he felt sad or angry, he pushed those feelings down and painted on a smile. He didn’t see anything wrong with this. But today, he struggles to understand, manage, and communicate his emotions. And now, his sadness has grown into something more serious.

Lisa, Matthew’s girlfriend, sees how unhappy he is. He has no drive to go to work. He’d rather stay home than go out with his friends. And he has no desire to go to family dinner on Sundays either (which used to be his favorite). Lisa expresses how concerned she is for him. She reminds him that she’s there to support him however she can, but suggests he talks to a professional about how he’s feeling.

Matthew schedules an appointment with a psychiatrist. He’s nervous but proud of himself for taking action. Matthew’s psychiatrist talks to Matthew about how he’s feeling and what symptoms he’s experiencing. With this self-report, his psychiatrist diagnoses him with major depressive disorder. Over the next few sessions, he gets started with therapy and medication. Over time, he feels happier. He learns to manage his symptoms and his antidepressant helps too.

Psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or you’re experiencing symptoms of another disorder, schedule an appointment for psychiatric services at Thriveworks in Alpharetta, GA. Our online psychiatrists can help you comfortably and easily from home. You’ll simply talk to them over the phone or video chat.

Should I Talk to a Psychiatrist?

If you’re like Matthew, in that you are exhibiting symptoms of a mental disorder and you are suffering as a result, you should talk to a psychiatrist. These individuals are medical doctors who dedicate their careers to learning about psychiatry, mental disorders, and then putting that knowledge to work for people like you.

You might be wondering if you should meet with a psychiatrist or a psychologist. These are both mental health professionals, but a major difference is that psychiatrists can prescribe medication and offer medication management to their clients. This means…

  • Understanding what type of medication someone might best benefit from
  • Prescribing the individual medication
  • Ensuring the individual understands exactly how to take it
  • Talking to the individual about potential side effects
  • Conducting regular check-ins to ensure that it’s working as desired
  • Changing one’s prescription as needed if it isn’t working as desired

If you have symptoms of a mental illness and you’re looking for treatment, it’s important to know that effective treatment can look very different from one person to the next. One person might find success in talk therapy, which can be led by a psychiatrist, therapist, or psychologist. Another person might find success with medication, which can be prescribed by their psychiatrist. And another might find success in a combination of both.

This means that finding the right treatment can take time. And you shouldn’t be discouraged if your first prescription medication or combination of therapy and medication doesn’t work for you. You can trust that your psychiatrist will help you find the best treatment method for your needs.

Mental Disorders That Often Benefit from a Psychiatrist’s Help

There are several mental disorders that often benefit from a psychiatrist’s assessment and treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms of the following, consider scheduling an appointment:

  • Depressive disorders, like major depression and postpartum depression
  • Anxiety disorders, like generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Addiction or substance abuse problems

You might feel nervous about talking to a psychiatrist but doing so will alleviate the nerves or fear surrounding your mental disorder. As you continue to meet with your psychiatrist and receive the proper treatment, you will begin to feel better. You deserve that and we want that for you.

Schedule an Appointment for Psychiatry at Thriveworks Counseling in Alpharetta, GA

Thriveworks Counseling in Alpharetta, GA has many skilled, caring mental health professionals on our team. We have psychiatrists as well as psychologists, therapists, counselors, and life coaches. They will work together as needed to ensure that you receive the help and support that you need.

If you choose to work with a Thriveworks psychiatrist, you can look forward to receiving their help in an online environment. Your sessions will be conducted over the phone or video, with the exception of an occasion visit to the office as needed. You can schedule your appointment today, just call our office.

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Jesslynn Palmer is a great therapist, with helpful techniques to get me through the stressful days and constantly helping me to do better than the day before. Highly recommended.

Jesslynn Palmer is a great therapist, with helpful techniques to get me through the stressful days and constantly helping me to do better than the day before. Highly recommended.
Thriveworks Counseling Alpharetta


Jennifer was absolutely wonderful. Very helpful at a time I was very much in need!
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Terry Walton is a great listener. Terry is compassionate, empathetic and easy to talk to. I’m looking forward to future appointments.
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Terry Walton is an exceptional counselor. Terry listens effectively and provides guidance to help resolve difficulties and important issues. If you are looking for a counselor that will truly establish a good relationship and allow you to be completely honest about your thoughts and feelings, he is the one. I am looking forward to my next session with Terry.
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Amber Gilbert is a phenomenal counselor. If you’re looking for a counselors who listens, validates, and asks the difficult questions to help foster self-reflection and self-awareness; she’s the one.
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My first session was amazing with my counselor.

My first session was amazing with my counselor. I can’t wait until my next appointment!!
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Amazing as usual!

Amazing as usual! I love everyone there and I feel safe and look forward to my appts.
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The appointment went really! Setting up the appointment was a breeze. We really enjoyed our first session with Tom and look forward to a great relationship in the future!
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